26 Wonderful Things to do in Athens in Winter 2021 – Written by a Local

Athens in winter may sound like a somewhat unusual suggestion. After all, the sheer mention of the Greek capital probably conjures up images of al fresco dining beneath the Mediterranean sun, and of evenings spent sitting beneath the hill of the Acropolis sipping ouzo.

In reality, the gritty European city makes for a perfect weekend break all year round. There are plenty of things to do in Athens in winter to make your time in Greece during the festive season a magical experience.

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Athens in Winter

Athens in Winter: Ancient Agora

There are several wonderful seasonal festivities that you can enjoy during Athens in winter. Of course, there are also the classic Athenian historical and cultural sites that make an essential part of any Athens trip, whatever time of year you choose to visit.

Athens in Winter:
Things to Do

Go on a Treasure Hunt for Athens Street Art

Exarchia Street Art
Exarchia Street Art

The walls and storefronts of the city centre are laden with vibrant graffiti and street art. Some of the pieces are simply aesthetic. Others are politically motivated and thought-provoking. 

The most notable Athenian street art is to be found in the districts of Psiri, Metaxourgio, and Exarchia. Exarchia is a district that has become synonymous with riots and anti-anarchist groups. However, it may well be one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Athens

Stroll down Themistokleous street until you reach Exarchia square. You will pass a range of quirky vinyl record stores, rock bars, and Bohemian coffee shops. The controversial and political graffiti here also includes the works of INO and Borondo.

Warm-up with a Traditional Hammam Experience

Athens in Winter: Visit Al Hammam for a traditional hammam experience
Athens in Winter: Visit Al Hammam for a traditional hammam experience

Baby, it’s cold outside. Yet fortunately, you can warm up by sweating it out in a hammam – a traditional Ottoman bathhouse. During the days of the Ottoman rule in Greece, people paid regular trips to hammams for both social and hygiene reasons. 

A hammam is a little like a sauna. First, patrons would sweat it out inside a hot, steamy marble room, before indulging in some rigorous exfoliation (to ensure baby-soft skin). Then, they would treat themselves by having a massage.

Sadly the ancient bathhouse of the winds is no longer in operation. However, there are a number of modern hammams across the city that still offer traditional treatment methods. 

Consider treating yourself to a hammam and spa package at Al Hammam Athens, or at the stylish Polis Hammam in Psyiri. Hammam experiences start from as little as €20.

Once you’re feeling rejuvenated, unwind with some sweet Greek loukoumi and spiced tea. What could be a better way to unwind after a long day of sightseeing and walking?

Indulge in Hearty, Wintry Taverna Classics

Hearty Greek food is perfect for the colder weather
Hearty Greek food is perfect for the colder weather

Sumptuous Greek foods are the perfect thing to eat during the cold winter months in Greece. The marinated meats that are prepared in quintessential local dishes like gyros and souvlakis are hearty and filling.

Meanwhile, beloved hotpot dishes like moussaka and pastitsio feel almost as though they have been invented for the cold weather. Moussaka is widely regarded as being the “national dish” of Greece and is worth sampling at least once while you’re here.  

If you find yourself in Athens in winter, you should certainly experiment with as many taverna classics as you can. Don’t worry about the ensuing muffin top! Aside from all of the classic dishes though, there are numerous winter dishes that you should try.

Many Athenian restaurants boast seasonal menus. This provides a perfect opportunity to sample foods that the summer tourists miss. 

Look out for Fakes (pronounced Fah-kes). This is a warming, flavourful Greek lentil soup that is popular from October onwards. Alternatively, sink your spoon into a steaming bowl of Fasolada – a scrumptious Greek bean stew.

Go Ice Skating in the Shadow of the Acropolis

Athens in Winter
Athens in Winter

One lovely addition to Athens that the winter season brings is the introduction of a number of ice-skating rinks that pop up across the city. What could be more magical than whizzing around on the ice, doing pirouettes (or trying to) while looking across to the Acropolis? 

There are numerous skating rinks that appear in Athens in the winter. Some are permanent, and some are temporary. Travellers of all ages and abilities can don their snuggliest winter clothes, and rent skates for an alternative evening of entertainment.

Sip Hot Cocoa at Christmas Themed Cafes

Little Kook, Athens
Little Kook, Athens

Athens boasts several cute themed cafes that can really help you get into the Christmas spirit. In particular, you should check out Noel (Kolokotroni 59B).

This is a Christmas-themed bar and coffee shop that keeps its decorations up 365 days a year. Nothing puts you in the Christmas mood quite like sipping a cup of hot cocoa.

Sit beneath the garlands and twinkling fairy lights as you people watch. This is a nice way to take a break from your Athenian Christmas shopping spree.

Little Kook, Athens

Another alternative is Little Kook (Karaiskaki 17). This is a coffee shop that is decorated with elaborate decorations and follows various different eccentric themes throughout the year.

During winter in Athens, Little Kook is themed like a winter wonderland. It boasts giant nutcracker statues and eccentric decor that is sure to capture the hearts of all the family.

Ambiance aside, don’t miss the snack and brunch menu at Little Kook. This is a great place to sample Greek desserts or treat yourself to a sinful, indulgent slab of moist chocolate cake.

Explore Offbeat Greek Neighbourhoods

Athens in Winter: Explore the different Athenian districts!

Ask any Athenian what their highlight of their city is, and chances are it will not be the touristic city centre. One of the most charming things about Athens is the city’s various neighbourhoods.

Each district essentially has its own personality. You don’t have to venture into the city centre to shop here, have dinner, or enjoy a night out. The various Athenian neighbourhoods all boast their own central squares and a wealth of places to eat and drink.

Winter in Athens is a perfect time to don your comfiest walking boots and embark on a self-guided walking tour of the city’s various districts. Hop on the subway to Kifissia – a chic district filled with tree-lined promenades, upscale boutiques, and neoclassical mansions.

From the city centre, you can walk to the leafy suburb of The Mets. The Mets is a tiny district nestled between Koukaki and Pagrati. Blink and you’ll miss it.

If you didn’t specifically know that the Mets was here, you would probably walk straight by it. Here you can enjoy a coffee among Athenians in a more authentic local ambiance. 

Kain (Anapáfseos 1) and Metz (Mark. Mousourou 63) are two coffee shops in the area to add to your radar. The latter hosts live jazz musicians throughout the week and on Sunday afternoons.

Spend an Afternoon in Piraeus

Tourists think of Piraeus as the place they have to pass through in order to get a ferry to the islands close to Athens. Athenians. A necessary evil if you will. However, there is plenty to see and do in Piraeus

The ports of Mikrolimano and Marina Zea are nice, alternative places to stop for a coffee or a cocktail by the sea. Marina Zea places you in a luxurious setting where the Athenian elite moors their yachts. 

A popular cocktail bar here is “Piscina”. It is an elegant pace to be when the sunsets.

The peaceful Piraeus neighbourhood of Kastella is a nice place for a stroll. It is filled with colourful neoclassical houses and quaint churches. From the Profitis Ilias church at the top of the hill, you can revel in spectacular views out to the Saronic islands.

Enjoy a Coastal Walk by the Athenian Riviera

The Athens Riviera, and the coastal towns of Voula, Vouliagmeni, Vari, and Glyfada, are some of the most exclusive destinations in Greece. The weather in winter is admittedly too cold for swimming. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy a stroll along the coastline. 

One of the best urban hikes in Athens is to walk from the port at Alimos onto Glyfada. You can also take a tram from Athens city centre to Vouliagmeni, and walk by the sea.

Stop for coffee at chic En Plo coffee house. Watch through the windows as the waves lap ferociously against the rocks. 

Eat Delicious Greek Christmas Desserts

Athens in Winter
Athens in Winter: Melamakarona are just one of the delicious winter treats you should try during your time in Athens.

Trying various Greek foods should be a highlight of any Athenian vacation as is. However, travelling to Athens in winter comes with the added benefit of being able to try decadent Greek festive desserts.

Venture into one of the millions of bakeries dotted throughout the city and order up a batch of soft, warm melomakarona. These are festive cookies spiced with cinnamon and covered in sweet syrup and honey.

During winter in Athens, you can usually smell the sweet scent of cinnamon wafting down the city streets as these are prepared for Christmas. Another to look out for is Kourabiethes. These are almond shortbread biscuits made in a circular shape and generously dusted with icing sugar.

Drink Warm Rakomelo at Traditional Tavernas

For a taster of authentic Athens, head to one of the traditional local tavernas. No. Not those touristic looking places where men are smashing plates near the Acropolis, but a real gritty local taverna in a non-touristic neighbourhood like Pagrati or Kallithea.

You won’t find many tourists here, just Greek locals eating, drinking ouzo, and playing backgammon. Eat with the locals and then wash it all down with a glass of warm, homemade Rakomelo – Cretan raki prepared with honey.

Christmas Shop for Greek Agro Products

Winter in Athens: Shop for agro products that you can only find in Greece
Winter in Athens: Shop for agro products that you can only find in Greece

When we don’t know what to buy people for Christmas, we often jump to the classics: pair of socks, toiletry set, a fancy mug. Greek agro-products make a great unique Christmas gift or unapologetically Greek souvenir.

Evripidou street and the streets that surround Athens Central Market are filled with delicatessens, spice shops, and food stores. Pick up cured meats, unique cheeses, flavoured olive oils, and delightful jams, condiments, and marinades. Surely your friends and loved ones will choose those over a pair of socks any day.

For a local favourite, head across to Miran or Karamanlidika. These are two beloved produce stores and where the walls and ceilings are covered with cured meats!

Take Day Trips to Cosy Winter Locations

Karpenisi, Central Greece
Karpenisi, Central Greece

Athens’ location in Southern Greece is perfect for taking adventures around mainland Greece. The Saronic, and some of the Cycladic islands are conveniently close to the capital and can be reached in less than two hours.

Some of these destinations are certainly seasonal and many of their businesses close their doors from late October. However, there are many other beautiful places in Greece which can be visited all year round. 

Charming mountain villages like Karpenisi and Arachova or romantic cities such as Nafplio are perfect day trips from Athens during the winter months. Arachova, for instance, is a cosmopolitan mountain location that is often referred to as being the “Mykonos of the winter”.

Opt to spend one night in your own cozy stone house in the mountains, roasting marshmallows by the fireplace. Consider trying your hand at skiing at one of the beloved Greek mountain resorts. Doing so is the perfect accompaniment to winter in Athens.

See a Christmas Ballet or Opera Performance

Many cities gear up for the festive period with inspired ballets, plays, and operas and Athens is no different. You may not expect it, but Athens has a growing arts and culture scene.

Christmas ballets and classics like The Nutcracker can be watched at various theatres around the centre. You can check Why Athens to see what shows and events are taking place during your trip.

Attend the Christmas Factory in Technopolis

Gazi, Athens
Gazi, Athens

If you have a little extra time to spare during your trip to Athens in Winter, or you are looking for an alternative form of evening entertainment, consider going along to the Christmas Factory. This is situated in Technopolis, in Athens’ Gazi neighbourhood

This outdoor market and funfair have a little something for people of all ages and interests. Sip warm glasses of mulled wine as you watch festive musical performances and carol singers.

Snack on some warming Greek street food eats. Alternatively, have a go on some of the Christmas-themed rides.

See Archaeological Sites Under a Blanket of Snow

Athens in Winter: Historical sites are cheaper to enter during the winter months
Athens in Winter: Historical sites are cheaper to enter during the winter months

Visiting Athens in the winter increases the likelihood of you being treated to a rare and majestic sight. That is, the chance to view the Acropolis, and other ancient ruins as they are covered beneath a blanket of snow.

Snow in Athens is certainly not guaranteed. However, in winter 2018 and winter 2020, we were treated to this phenomenon so you may just get lucky. 

Most of Athens’ historical sites are concentrated around old Plaka and the city centre. Be sure to incorporate the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora, the bathhouse of the winds, the Acropolis, and Anafiotika into your winter Athens itinerary

It is important to consider that many Athens attractions operate on a reduced schedule during the winter months. The winter season runs from November through to March.

During this time, most attractions are open from 8.00-15.00 or 8.00-17.00. This differs from the 8.00 am – 20:00 pm schedule that you see in the summer. 

Climb Mount Lycabettus without the Crowds

Climb Mount Lycabettus
Climb Mount Lycabettus

Mount Lycabettus boasts some of the most breathtaking panoramas in Athens. From here, you can see out to Piraeus port on a clear day. The Acropolis sits on a parallel hill, and the little whitewashed church that sits at Lycabettus’ peak is well worth a visit. 

If you find yourself in Athens in winter, there will be very few tourists clambering up Lycabettus. The park is free to enter and provides a tranquil green oasis in the heart of a bustling capital.

See the Christmas Lights at Syntagma Square

Greeks are generally pretty religious people. As you can imagine, Christmas here is kind of a big deal.

During the festive period, the entire city is illuminated with beautiful fairy lights. No Christmas displays are more impressive than the spectacular tree that is set up at Athens’ main Syntagma Square.

If it coincides with your travel dates, you can go along and watch the Christmas tree lights get turned on in early December. Throughout the month, there are several free concerts and musical performances that take place beneath the Syntagma Christmas tree.

Sip Mulled Wine and Hot Toddies at Chic Athenian Bars

The Athenian neighborhoods of Kolonaki, Hilton, and Monastiraki are filled with chic, stylish cocktail lounges and rooftop bars. These make the perfect spots for passing cold winter nights. The best bars implement a menu change in line with the change of the season.

Expect mulled wines and hot toddies at Athenian bars throughout the winter months to help get into the festive spirit. Six Dogs, Baba Au Rum, Drunk Sinatra, and Minnie the Moocher are local favourite bars that should not be missed.

Participate in a Greek Cooking Class

Opting to participate in a Greek cooking class is a great way to escape the harsh, wintry weather that accompanies travelling to Athens during the winter months. Not to mention, it’s a wonderful cultural experience.

Following on from your lesson, you will be able to impress your friends and family at home by cooking Greek classics for them at home. Forget drab western recipes, you will recreate a moussaka for them just like an Athenian yia yia used to make.

Many organisations across Athens offer the chance to learn some Greek home cooking. Just like restaurants, cooking schools will often alter their schedules depending on the season.

Learn how to make the much-loved Greek Sunday dish of lamb kleftiko with wonderful lemony potatoes, or opt for a more wintry Greek dish like fasolada. Many Athenian cooking classes like this one pair the experience with the opportunity to explore local food markets and buy your own fresh ingredients for cooking with.

Enjoy the Main Tourist Attractions at a Reduced Rate

Athens in Winter
Athens in Winter

Many main tourist attractions across Athens have cheaper entrance fees during the winter months. This includes the Athens sightseeing pass which offers admission to multiple attractions across the city. Visiting Greece during this time is easier on your wallet.

Enjoy Lavish Dining Options

Athens in Winter
Athens in Winter: The Grande Bretagne hotel offers lavish dinner and afternoon tea options

‘Tis the season to be jolly… and gain around 14 pounds in the process! Restaurants and taverns in the Greek capital are bustling during the festive period.

Special themed menus and lavish dining events are also hosted at various restaurants and hotels across the city. One example is at the fabulous Grande Bretagne Hotel in Syntagma.

The Grande Bretagne is without a doubt, one of Athens’ most lavish hotels. The hotel plays host to a chic “Opera Night” throughout November and December.

This glamorous event sees champagne dinners served to patrons to the backing music of opera and live piano. Check the events calendar in Athens for more similar occurrences that coincide with your trip dates.  

Treat Yourself to an Indulgent Greek Tasting Menu

There are few better ways to sample a variety of dishes from across Greece than by treating yourself to a tasting menu served up at one of Athens’ best restaurants. Several restaurants in the Greek capital offer you the opportunity to do just this.

Eleas Gi is a gourmet restaurant in Kifissia. Patrons can treat themselves to a 14 or 24-course tasting menu with local ingredients sourced from across the country and paired with local wines. Two Michelin Star owners Spondi also offers a similar tasting menu.

Take a History Lesson at Athens’ Museums

Athenian museums are a nice way to escape the winter weather
Athenian museums are a nice way to escape the winter weather

It should come as no surprise that there are close to 100 museums in Athens – especially when you take into account the city’s long and varied history. Athens’ history and culture museums make an interesting addition to your itinerary anyway.

However, in winter, they give you a nice excuse to escape the cold. The “New” Acropolis museum is a must-visit after exploring the Acropolis.

Meanwhile, the National Archaeological Museum is also very worthy of your time. This is the largest museum in the country and contains more than 11,000 exhibits from the Neolithic era up to the Roman age.

Welcome in the New Year with Greek Friends

Athens in Winter: Greek New Year’s Eve celebrations are unique!

It is customary to party and welcome in the turn of the New Year in Greece – just like anywhere else in the world! For Greeks, the first half of the evening is typically spent with family members.

Athenians will typically indulge in a big fat Greek feast with their relatives as they commence the countdown to midnight. An important Greek New Year’s Eve tradition is cutting the vasilopita.

This is a specific type of cake that is eaten during New Year. The vasilopita is a sponge cake that is typically flavoured with vanilla and orange extracts.

A coin is wrapped and placed inside the cake before it is cooked. It is customary to cut the cake at the turn of the New Year. Whoever finds the piece ought to have good luck for the new year ahead!

After midnight, the city of Athens comes alive. New Year’s Eve is arguably the best time to experience Athens nightlife in its finest hours.

Bars and clubs from Gazi to Koukaki are open until the wee hours of the morning. For an authentic Greek experience, consider watching live music at a bouzoukia. This is a Greek live music spot and you are highly likely to be the only tourist in attendance. 

Celebrate the Greek Carnival (Apokries)

If you happen to travel to Athens in February, you can participate in the festivities of Apokries: the Greek carnival. This is one of the largest and most popular festivals in Greece

Apokries translates to meaning “no more meat” and this festival is celebrated as a countdown to Easter. In some ways, Apokries is the Greek answer to Halloween.

During this period, many bars across Athens organise themed costume parties and events. If you want to participate, you can easily find many costume stores across Athens that offer some pretty impressive costumes for rent.

Take a Greek Folk Dancing Class

Did you know that there are more than 10,000 different dances that originated in Greece? The most well-known is probably the dance from Zorbas the Greek. However, the reality is that every village, island, and district in Greece has its own local dances! 

On a rainy winter’s day, you could consider escaping the elements and booking yourself a place in a Greek dance class. Classes take place in a private or group setting (depending on your preference). Many classes, like this one often include a sumptuous Greek dinner.  

Athens in Winter Weather

Athens in Winter

It gets pretty cold in Athens during the winter months but never to extremes. November through to February sees temperatures that dip as low as 9 degrees celsius. The general range is between 9 and 13 degrees.

Winter in Athens is also the rainiest season of the year. That said, rainfall here is rarely a constant occurrence throughout the day.

Though it certainly rains more frequently at this time than at other points in the year, it’s typically only for a few hours then you can get on with your day. Generally speaking, Athens in winter is much milder than most other European capitals.

What to Wear in Athens in Winter

If you are travelling to Athens between November and February, make like an onion and layer up! As mentioned above, it can get pretty cold during this time of year. However, at the same time, warm, sunny days where freak temperatures soar up to around 15-16 degreese Celsius are also not unheard of.

Be sure to incorporate a good winter coat, some thick sweaters, some thermal underwear, and some outdoor gear into your Greece packing list. It can also get very rainy during this period so don’t forget your umbrella! 

Make sure that you pack some comfortable, closed shoes for walking around – whether they are sneakers, ankle boots, or dedicated walking boots. As most of the main attractions in Athens are located within the city centre, you can expect to be on your feet for hours of the day. 

It should also be noted that a lot of the pavements in Greece are not well-maintained. Didewalks are often uneven and there are pot-holes a-plenty!

Athens is also incredibly hilly. Try to avoid heeled shoes. The old cobbled paths and steps around Acropolis hill and Plaka will become pretty treacherous during this time.

Benefits of Travelling to Athens in Winter

Travelling in the off season means lower prices and less crowds
Travelling in the off season means lower prices and less crowds

There are several benefits to be enjoyed as a result of visiting Athens in winter. These are in addition to all of the magnificent seasonal events and festivities that take place across the city.

Since this is the off-season, you can enjoy reductions on most things – crowds, prices, and so on! A few of the highlights of travelling during this time are detailed below. 

Fewer Crowds

Hiking to the top of Mount Lycabettus in the height of summer means sharing the view with hundreds of other travellers. Some may say that it ruins the background of your photos when there is a tour bus full of approximately 5,637 other people in the background!

During winter in Athens, there are far fewer crowds. You will often find that you have beautiful spots like Anafiotika virtually all to yourself.

Free Entry to Museums on Certain Days

Reduced ticket and attraction pass prices are one benefit of travelling to Athens in winter. Another perk is that some of the museums and sites can be visited for absolutely free!

On the first Sunday of every month from November to March, Athens museums and historical/cultural sites are free to enter. This is perfect if you are visiting Greece on a budget! Admission is also free on certain Greek public holidays.

Cheap Flights and Accommodation  

There really are very few tourists that travel to Athens in winter. As such, you can secure excellent deals on flights and accommodation. Entire Airbnb apartments can be found in central Athens for as little as £15/$18 per night.

Flights to Athens from other European cities (including London) are often less than £20 a night. With all of that considered, you can enjoy a fabulous weekend break in Athens and really not spend very much at all!

It’s Business as Usual

Even if you find yourself in Athens on Christmas Day and you are worried that everything is going to be closed, you can feel assured that countless bars and restaurants are open as normal. In fact, you almost forget that it is Christmas day at all!

Parting Words

Have any questions about visiting Athens in Winter or about planning a trip to Greece in general? I live here in Athens and I’m happy to help. Feel free to reach out to me via email or the comments below! 

For more winter travel inspiration, take a peek at some suggested winter Europe itineraries, or this post on the best places to travel in February.

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