Hey! My name is Melissa and I’m a full time Digital Nomad and Travel Writer from the UK. I switched life in the corporate boardroom for a life of adventure. I’ve visited 40 countries across 5 continents and lived in 7 of them. I want to inspire you to get out there and travel too ☺

Currently in: Istanbul, Turkey

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Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey?

Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey in 2018? Sitting outside an Artisan’s cafe, among the winding streets of Izmir’s bazaar, I sip Kücük cay…

Solo Female Travel in Turkey

Solo female travel in Turkey: As a relatively conservative Muslim country with a culture that is vastly different to that which we are accustomed t…

48 Hours in Marrakech

48 Hours in Marrakech: Overwhelming and chaotic, yet equally altogether vibrant and beautiful in its buzzing atmosphere, Morocco’s “jew…

What to Wear in Bhutan

When I started planning for my solo trip to Bhutan, I wasn’t entirely sure about what to wear in Bhutan or what to pack to take with me. When…


Follow the adventure from the comfort of E-mail!

Follow the adventure from the comfort of E-mail!