25 Best Places to Visit in Europe in November 2023

Looking for the best places to visit in Europe in November? Look no further.  While November may not be the most popular time to travel around Europe, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find when traveling out of season. For starters, you don’t have to deal with even a fraction of the crowds … Read more

Serbian Food: 16 Dishes to Try During Your Trip to Serbia

Serbian food is as much of a highlight of travelling to Serbia as visiting the country’s main attractions and historical sites. Globally, little is known about Serbian cuisine.  However, those that visit the little Balkan country and sample it will sing its praises far and wide. Traditional local dishes are typically meat-focused and showcase sumptuous, … Read more

Skadarlija Belgrade: The Montmartre of the Balkans

Skadarlija Belgrade makes an appearance on most travellers’ bucket lists when they travel to the Serbian capital, and for good reason. This charming little street has been likened to Paris´ Montmartre district on account of its quaint cafes, cobbled walkway, and traditional local eateries.  This little pedestrianised promenade, only 400m in length, can be found … Read more

Dorcol Belgrade: The Little Berlin of the Balkans

Dorcol Belgrade is fast emerging as one of the trendiest districts in the Serbian capital. Today, its tree-lined streets are lined with quirky coffee shops, eccentric-themed cocktail bars, artisanal stores, and independent art galleries.  The alternative atmosphere here has gained Dorcol the affectionate title of being the ¨Berlin district¨ of Belgrade. Today, Dorcol is a … Read more

Serbian Rakija: The Elixer of the Balkans

Sampling Serbian rakija is something of a right of passage for travelling in the little Balkan country. This is essentially the country’s national drink.  Rakija is to Serbia what ouzo is to Greece or raki is to Crete. These national beverages also share some similarities in terms of their flavour and composition.  Serbian rakija is … Read more

Zemun Serbia: Your 2023 Insiders Guide

Zemun Serbia is an eclectic Bohemian district that can be found on the western side of the river Saba. It was inaugurated as part of Belgrade in 1934, but the atmosphere here is completely different from that of the Serbian capital. Zemun residents are fiercely proud of their district’s heritage and culture and don’t especially … Read more