At High Heels and a Backpack, our number one focus is providing helpful, accurate, and trustworthy information to our audience. We hold our travel writers and editors to high standards when it comes to creating content you can rely on.

Read on for an overview of our editorial policies and practices. We believe transparency about how we produce content allows you to use our recommendations to better plan your own adventures!

Unbiased Travel Inspiration

The travel tips, destination guides, packing lists, and trip planning ideas you find here are based on the real, unfiltered experiences of our travel writer and influencer.

We pay our own way on trips and review products honestly – we’ll never pretend a free hotel stay or sponsored tour is our favorite just because it’s complimentary. If a travel provider comps us, we disclose it. End of story.

Our advice comes from a genuine passion to help travel safely, stylishly, and smartly. You can count on us to tell it like it is.

Commitment to Accuracy

With a mission to inspire independent travelers, we take accuracy seriously. Our team thoroughly researches and cross-references information using reputable sources before publishing. That includes verifying details directly with hotels, airlines, tourism boards, etc.

We promptly correct any factual errors found post-publication and update articles regularly so you always have current information. If you ever spot an inaccuracy, please contact us so we can investigate and update as needed.

Transparent Affiliate Disclosures

High Heels and a Backpack is proud to be an independent, self-funded entity. That means we can remain unbiased when making recommendations to our audience.

While we do have some affiliate partnerships, we only recommend brands, tours, gear, etc. that we genuinely love and think you will too. Any links that earn us a commission are clearly marked next to them so you can feel good about supporting our work.

Useful Travel Insights

Our goal with every article is to publish valuable content that actually helps travelers plan their own memorable trips. We focus on providing actionable tips and insights based on our experiences and road testing advice firsthand.

Whether you want to know how to pack carry-on only for Europe, build a travel capsule wardrobe, or learn which tours are worth it in a destination, we’ve got you covered. Consider us your trusty friend guiding you to travel smart.

We Love Hearing from You

Our founder started High Heels and Backpack to build a supportive community for travelers around the world. We highly encourage you to engage with us and share your own adventures!

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