Your Perfect 10-Day Oman Itinerary for 2022

Embarking on an Oman itinerary is a great way to discover one of the most underrated destinations in the Middle East. Little Oman attracts the attention of only the most intrepid adventurers. It borders the Arabian Sea, and the countries of Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates. Officially known as the Sultanate of … Read more

Solo Female Travel in Oman 2022 Guide: Why it’s a Great Idea

Solo female travel in Oman has been one of my favourite travel experiences so far. Though, I can appreciate that if you asked me about wonderful places for solo female travel, you probably wouldn’t expect me to say the Middle East. Solo Female Travel in the Middle East Generally, I would say that solo travel … Read more

Renting a Car in Oman in 2022: 27 Tips for Your Adventure

Renting a car in Oman is the best way to get around this beautiful Arabian nation. Oman boasts countless incredible natural wonders, majestic desert scapes, and fascinating abandoned towns and fortresses. The only downside to travelling in Oman? Presently, public transport links to and from notable sites are virtually nonexistent. Tourism infrastructure is not yet … Read more

Places to Visit in Muscat, Oman: Your 2022 Muscat Itinerary

Best places to visit in Muscat? There are plenty! The Omani capital is altogether more historic, cultured, and authentic than nearby Dubai. It is also relatively compact and the main things to do in Muscat can be covered in just a day or two. Muscat, Oman Muscat has a long, tumultuous history that stretches back … Read more

20 Best Places to Visit in Oman: Your 2022 Guide

Best places to visit in Oman? There are a ton! There are so many beautiful places to visit in Oman that it is difficult to shortlist the highlights! Gorgeous Oman is one of the most underrated travel destinations in the Middle East and, arguably, the world. Few people plan a trip to this culturally rich … Read more