Renting a Car in Oman in 2022: Tips for Your Omani Adventure

Renting a car in Oman is the best way to get around this beautiful Arabian nation. Oman boasts countless incredible natural wonders, majestic desert-scapes, and fascinating abandoned towns and fortresses. The only downside to travelling in Oman? Presently, public transport links to and from notable sites are virtually nonexistent. Tourism infrastructure is not yet very … Read more

Budget Travel in Oman 2021: Explore Oman Without Selling a Kidney

Budget travel in Oman can seem like one of life’s great impossibilities. Unfortunately, Oman has gained a reputation for being a notoriously expensive travel destination. As such the use of the words “Oman” and “budget” in the same sentence almost looks like something of an oxymoron. However, rest assured, it is extremely possible to explore … Read more