Bhutanese Food: 20 Dishes to Eat in Bhutan in 2022

Bhutanese food is as much of a highlight of travelling to the mysterious Dragon Kingdom as the seeing of the sights. Internationally, few people know anything about Bhutanese cuisine. Food in Bhutan is influenced by Tibetan, Chinese, Nepalese, and Indian food cultures. So, if you have travelled to any of these nations, you may have … Read more

The Divine Madman of Bhutan and His Enchanted Penis

Bhutan is a land where myths and magic are intertwined with the country’s history. Stories of dragons, garudas, and enchanted spirits are not considered as legends or fables in Bhutan, but of true historical facts. One of the most notable and interesting figures in Bhutanese history is no doubt Drukpa Kunley – a monk affectionately … Read more

7 Day Bhutan Itinerary

This 7 Day Bhutan itinerary provides the perfect introduction to the mysterious Dragon Kingdom. Nestled deep within the high Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the least visited countries in the world. With its mesmerising masked dance festivals (tshechus), its breathtaking nature and its many spiritual sites it’s easy to fall in love with Bhutan. In … Read more