Solo Travel in Croatia: Your 2023 Insider’s Guide

Solo travel in Croatia is a wonderful experience. While Croatia may not be one of the first locations that spring to mind when assessing solo travel destinations, it may be one of the best places to travel solo in all of Europe.  Solo Travel in Croatia in 2023 This article has been written by someone … Read more

Croatia in Winter: Your 2023 Insider’s Guide

Visiting Croatia in winter can be a great way to pass the colder months of the year in gorgeous settings. While the scenic Balkan country definitely isn’t a winter sun destination, the temperatures here are a lot milder than those elsewhere in Europe during this time. This is owing to Croatia’s Mediterranean location. In recent … Read more

Renting a Car in Croatia: Things to Know [2023 Guide]

Renting a car in Croatia is one of the best ways to explore this naturally beautiful country. Opting to do so allows you far more freedom and flexibility than you have if you are depending on public transport.  Furthermore, there are parts of the country that you simply cannot get to independently. For instance, Plitviče … Read more

Dating in Croatia: A Handy Guide for Tourists and Expats

Dating in Croatia may be somewhat different from what you are used to depending on where in the world you come from. Compared to western cultures, Croatian culture is more traditional and conservative and so, dating etiquette is slightly different here.  That being said, Croatians are warm, friendly people that take an interest in meeting … Read more

Pakleni Islands: An Uninhabited Slice of Paradise off Hvar’s Coast

The Pakleni islands are simultaneously among the most stunning, and the most underrated islands in Croatia. This little archipelago of uninhabited islets sits just off the coast of Hvar, in the midst of the Adriatic Sea.  The Pakleni Islands  The Pakleni islands are also referred to as the “Paklinski islands”. However, no one is exactly … Read more