Proof of Onward Travel: How to Demonstrate it in 2023

Proof of onward travel is something that you may be requested to demonstrate when you are travelling internationally. In other words, you need to prove that you have a ticket out of the country. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a flight ticket. It can also be proof of overland travel via bus or train. … Read more

27 Alarming Airbnb Problems to Know Before You Use Airbnb 2023

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53 Solo Female Travel Tips to Follow in 2023

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Dating Latin Men – Everything you need to know

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How to Haggle When Traveling: Your Complete 2023 Guide

How to haggle when traveling

You might be interested to get a better understanding of how to haggle when traveling before you set off on your adventures around the world. Haggling is acceptable and commonplace in a lot of different countries.  Haggling is particularly common in the Middle East, South America, Northern Africa, and parts of Asia. However, you may … Read more

Couchsurfing Tips: How to Use the App in 2023

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