Winter in Greece 2022/2023: A Local’s Complete Guide

Winter in Greece is not the usual choice for most people. After all, this beautiful Mediterranean country is mostly renowned for its idyllic islands and paradisical beaches. In fact, for many people, what happens in Greece after the islands and holiday resorts close for the summer season is something of an unknown. Winter in Greece … Read more

Traveling to Greece on a Budget: 2023 Guide by a Local

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Solo Travel in Greece 2023: A Local’s Guide to Traveling to Greece Alone

Solo travel in Greece can be a wonderful experience. If you are dreaming of Greece and its islands and yet, your friends/family are flaky and can’t/won’t commit to travelling with you, you should not hesitate to travel alone. Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Over 33 million people travel … Read more

Is Athens Safe to Visit? A Local’s 2022 Guide

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29 Wonderful Things to do in Athens in Winter 2022

Athens in winter may sound like a somewhat unusual suggestion. After all, the sheer mention of the Greek capital probably conjures up images of al fresco dining beneath the Mediterranean sun, and of evenings spent sitting beneath the hill of the Acropolis sipping ouzo. In reality, the gritty European city makes for a perfect weekend … Read more