How to Get from Athens Airport to the Acropolis: 2023 Guide

Getting from Athens Airport to the Acropolis is easy. You can do the journey in less than an hour and you have a couple of different transport options available to you for making the journey. There is a distance of just 27km between downtown Athens and the Acropolis and Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport (ATH). … Read more

Is Athens Safe to Visit? A Local’s 2023 Guide

Is Athens safe to visit in 2023 and beyond? The short answer is that yes, the Greek capital is a very safe place to visit provided that you use the same common sense precautions you would use when visiting any other major city.  It’s true that Athens looks a little grittier than a lot of … Read more

Solo Travel in Greece 2023: A Local’s Guide to Traveling to Greece Alone

Solo travel in Greece makes for a wonderful travel experience whatever your age, gender, background, or travel experience. Beautiful Greece is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and it is very safe, making it the perfect choice for inexperienced solo travellers who are looking to go it alone for the very … Read more

Renting a Car in Zante: Your 2023 Guide by a Local in Greece

Renting a car in Zante is a great way to get around the gorgeous Ionian island. Opting to do so gives you a lot more freedom and flexibility of schedule than having to depend on public transport.  It allows you to venture away from the main touristic areas and find secluded beaches and quintessentially Greek … Read more