Three Day Athens Itinerary 2020 – Your Perfect Guide, Written by a Local

This Athens itinerary takes you through the Greek capital’s best-kept secrets and to spots which most visitors to the city have never even heard of. Grittier, punkier, and altogether more edgy than the majority of European capitals, Athens is a city filled with secrets and beautiful sites that await and reward the open-minded traveller that is willing … Read more

Best Islands in the Cyclades, Greece:17 Beautiful Places That are NOT Santorini or Mykonos

The Cyclades provide the quintessential Greek island experience. This archipelago represents everything that is so loved about summers spent in magical Greece – traditional stone villages with whitewashed walls and blue ceilings, white-sand beaches with secluded coves and translucent azure waters, and quaint tavernas where locals and travellers drink tsipouro and dance together until the … Read more

Best Places to Visit in Greece: 31 Beloved Favourites & Off the Beaten Path Gems

Finding the best places to visit in Greece away from the masses of tourists can be tricky. After all, this gorgeous Mediterranean country is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe. Every summer, millions of tourists flock to Greece in pursuit of sun, sea, and adventure. “There are just British people everywhere!” – … Read more

Kastoria Greece: The Forgotten Lake City of Central Macedonia

Kastoria is a beautiful lake city that sits in the foothills of the Pindus Mountains in Northern Greece. Quaint pastel-coloured houses and stores cascade down the hilltops, making Kastoria feel like a Hellenic version of the Amalfi Coast – sans tourists.  The city encircles the tranquil Lake Orestiada, and the scenic walking paths that run … Read more