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High Heels and a Backpack is an established travel blog that focuses on travel in Greece and the Mediterranean. Since being founded in 2016, it has developed a dedicated, diverse international audience, many of whom visit the site directly when planning their trips to Greece.

The philosophy behind High Heels and a Backpack is based on delving beneath the surface of destinations travelled, gaining a deeper understanding of countries and cultures, and learning that travel is more than just seeing the sights. 

Audience Demographics

High Heels and a Backpack has an audience of 150,000 monthly readers plus a large, dedicated social following. The content published here appeals to a diverse range of readers across the world.

58.5% of our readers are female, and 41.5% are male. Most readers are aged between 18 and 44 years old, but much of our content is universal and appeals to everyone.

More than 15% of our readers (equating to hundreds of thousands of visitors each year) are aged 55 and above. Many want guidance on planning long-term retirement trips to the Mediterranean or moving to Greece when they retire.

Based on Google Analytics data for the past few years, we can note that our demographic has a strong interest in travel (naturally), health, and fitness. Many are also food, dining, and cooking enthusiasts or consider themselves art & theater aficionados.

Our readership is mostly degree-educated, has disposable income, and is not afraid to spend money to enhance the quality of their trip. Many book independently-owned boutique luxe hotels when they travel, rent cars to make getting around easier and book the services of local guides and tour companies to take the stress out of managing the logistics of their trip.

Geographically, our audiences are predominantly located in the United States, the United Kingdom, Greece, Canada, and Australia.

Collaboration Opportunities 

There are a number of ways in which we can work together. I am open to sponsored posts, brand collaborations, tourism board collaborations, press trips, and affiliate partnerships if it’s a good fit with my readership. 

Please note that I properly disclose all sponsored posts in accordance with FTC regulations. I do not sell links or engage in Black Hat SEO practices. 

Please refrain from emailing me with requests for me to publish content that contains a link to your client’s website. Unfortunately, I receive dozens of these every day. I will simply mark it as spam and not respond.

Commissioned articles and media mentions

High Heels and a Backpack has been featured in a number of reputable media publications across the globe. I have been featured in the Huffington Post, The Times of Israel, Elle France, Atlas Obscura, Neos Kosmos, Boots n All, Tripzilla, Kathimerini, and CBS America.

I also regularly contribute to notable travel magazines and publications around the world. My written work has been featured in Forbes Travel Guide, Matador Network, and Thought Catalog. 

Notable media mentions

Articles produced for external publications

Brand Partnerships

High Heels and a Backpack has successfully worked with many brands around the world; tourism boards, hotels, tours, and travel brands. Proven ROI has been demonstrated in all partnerships.

For some of the travel companies I work with as an affiliate partner, I successfully and consistently send more than $100k worth of sales to my partners each year. Here is a selection of brands I have worked with:

  • Hilton Hotel Group 

  • Coca Cola

  • Abraham Tours and Hostels, Israel 

  • Alternative Athens Tours 

  • Druk Air, Royal Bhutan Airlines 

  • Druk Asia, Bhutan Tour Company 

  • Brown Hotels 

  • Margi Hotel, Athens 

  • AthensWas luxury boutique hotel

  • The Roman Guy Tours 

  • Taste Porto Food Tours 

  • Discover Cars

  • Get Your Guide


  • Trazy South Korea

  • ITTT (International TEFL School)

Final thoughts

If you would like to discuss working together, or you would like to request a media pack or writing portfolio, please feel free to contact me at [email protected]

You may also be interested in my Mexico travel website – Mexico Travel Secrets which I started in the spring of 2022 since I am currently dividing my time between Greece and Mexico. It is a work in progress but as of 2023, it sees 40,000 monthly page views from a predominantly (70%) US audience.


Alice Cooper is a British Travel Writer and Blogger based in Athens, Greece. She writes for numerous high profile travel publications across the globe - including Forbes Travel Guide, Matador Network, The Times of Israel and The Huffington Post.


  1. Hi Melissa,
    enjoyed your Blog on ” IS IT SAFE TO TRAVEL IN MIDDLE EAST” and yes i totally agree with you.

    the media always exaggerates everything, i worked and travelled there for 12 years and loved it, the people are great and friendly.

    What you said about cultures is correct, but that applies any where you travel, respect the country and its cultures where ever you travel – nice blog

  2. Hi there,

    I love your blog! And am working my way to different remote places in the world. Would you be able to let me know the name of the travel agency you used in Bhutan?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated

  3. Hello Melissa,

    I am a Greek-American citizen working with MetLife Greece. If you have any readers considering moving to Greece or live here already I can be your partner in anything regarding insurance. I am considered a top tier agent in my company and have the client reviews to back up my claim. I would like for you to consider a partnership with me.
    Thank you for your time,
    William P. Baldwin

  4. Hello Melissa,

    I’m German and was living in Greece 5 years. I left in 2005, many years ago but your description hits the nail on the head. Well written.
    End last year you indicated to travel around for one year which I believe didn’t happen due to Covid.
    The plan is to arrive early next year in Greece and stay in Athens for a while. I come with wife and daughter, wife is Filipina and we are around 20+ years older than you, hahaha.
    The last 20 years I travelled and lived in several places and maybe we could meet one day and exchange experiences.
    Hope to hear back,

  5. Hello Melissa
    I am currently in Romania and have a chace of a job in Athens, which will include moving costs, thinking of driving there since I have my 2 dogs with me.
    I have been looking up places to rent – I want to know – is it normal for property to be let without white goods or furniture?
    Is English spoken in the area?
    What is a good way to reach out to expats ?
    Any advice on good/bad areas [suburbs] to look at or avoid for rentals?

    Thank you for any assistance.


  6. Hi Melissa,
    I was looking at some of your photos and you appear to be looking a bit sick. Your appearance in some of your recent photos reminds me of my mother who died from cancer three years ago. Do you have a family history of cancer or perhaps been exposed to radiation. I think you should get this looked at.

    Free Palestine.

  7. Hi. Love your blog! I have been travelling to and exploring Greece for the past seven or so years. I do this alone and enjoy the freedom I have, especially in my not so young years. I am in Athens for the next three days and was wondering where you would recommend I could go for a wine/ cocktail where I might find genuine and friendly people to chat to who aren’t old enough to be my father and/ or not, rather lascivious (sorry can’t think of another way to say it)?

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