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About Me

Hello there and thanks for stopping by my little slice of the internet! I’m Melissa, a former Procurement Manager turned wandering Digital Nomad who abandoned corporate life in the UK for a life more adventurous. High Heels & a Backpack is a collection of my travel tips and tales from the past seven years of solo female travel. 

Solo female travel blog
Amman, Jordan

High Heels & a Backpack

High Heels & a Backpack is probably somewhat different to other solo female travel blogs since I’m not really very girly. I mean, I try not to look like a hobo and I always still apply lipgloss before taking an Instagram photo (who cares if I’m alone in the middle of the desert?) but travel has turned me into a massive tomboy.

I prefer to travel to unconventional and lesser known destinations in order to push the boundaries of solo female travel and challenge myself. Travel has taught me that the world really isn’t as scary a place as the media often depicts. There is beauty everywhere and I want to be able to show that to people.

So if you seek authentic, local experiences when you travel and you love to explore the lesser known places that the tourists seldom see then High Heels & a Backpack could be the blog for you. It’s for the women who love the great outdoors, who aren’t afraid to push themselves and who don’t care to change outfits seven times for an Instragram shoot.

After living in the US, Australia, Thailand, Korea and Italy I am now living in Athens, Greece where I work remotely as a Travel Journalist for some of the world’s leading travel magazines and publications.

Where Am I?

solo female travel blog
West Bank, Palestine

I have a penchant for just upping and going (that’s a phrase right?) at a moment’s notice so my plans are sometimes sporadic. However, my confirmed plans over the next few months of 2019  are:

March: Athens, Greece (my home!) 
April: Trekking through Kyrgyzstan
Uzbekistan, UK, Greece 
Greece, Southern Italy

If you need anything at all, feel free to drop me a line: Melissa@highheelsandabackpack.com

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