Morocco Travel FAQs

The decision to take a trip to Morocco is certainly going to be paired with plenty of questions and concerns about how best to prepare for your Morocco trip, especially if this is your first time travelling in a country with a culture that is so different to what we are usually accustomed to in … Read more

A Scrummy Self Guided Marrakech Food Tour

Marrakech Food Tour: Navigating the labyrinth of narrow alleyways and bustling souks of old town Marrakech, Morocco’s “Red city” should be high on any avid traveller’s bucket list. Quaint, seemingly nondescript pathways twist and turn and open out into large plazas showcasing elaborate architecture, quirky tea rooms, and fascinating spectacles of local life. Foodies travel to … Read more

Exploring Morocco: Things to Do in Fes

Things to do in Fes, Morocco Comprised of an intricate network of over ten thousand mysterious and seemingly blind alleyways that house bustling souks and open out into paradisaical squares, the ancient city of Fes is awarded the honour of being considered Morocco’s cultural capital. The crumbling, ancient walls and elaborately decorated Medina entrances that … Read more