Israel Passport Stamp: Everything You Need to Know [2023 Guide]

The Israel passport stamp has been a great cause for concern for people traveling in the Middle East for the last few years. It’s a hot topic. 

Anyone traveling to Israel and then onwards to other countries, or to countries like Lebanon and Iraq and then to Israel may be concerned. Historically, having an Israeli passport stamp on your passport could mean that you were automatically banned from entering certain countries. 

Israel does not have the best relationship with some of the other countries in the region. Some, like Iran, don’t even recognise it as a state and consider them an enemy. 

Obviously you, as an innocent tourist in the middle of all of this, do not want to find yourself in a position where you are interrogated at a border or refused entry somewhere. But there’s good news. 

In 2023, Israel no longer stamps passports at the airport on arrival. Israeli customs and the Israeli government are well aware of the issue an Israel passport stamp poses and they have not been stamping passports for years.

In most cases, you will enter and exit Israel with no trace of you having been there. There are a few mitigating circumstances to keep in mind which will discuss in this article. 

But most people do not have to worry. This guide on how to avoid the Israeli passport stamp has been written by a British Travel Writer that has passed through the country numerous times. 

It is updated periodically. (Most recently March 2023) and aims to answer all of your questions and concerns about the Israel passport stamp. 

The Israel Passport Stamp and How to Avoid it in 2023

Any mention of the Israel passport stamp leaves a lot of travelers concerned. Travel forums, Facebook groups, and comments on this article are filled with questions like

  • Will my passport get stamped in Tel Aviv?

  • Can I visit Qatar with an Israeli passport stamp?

  • What is the problem with having an Israel stamp in my passport?

  • Can I travel to Israel if I’ve been to Iran? 

But as mentioned above, Israel no longer stamps passports. If you are crossing a land border between Israel and Jordan, they may try and stamp your passport but the Immigration Officer will usually ask if it’s okay to do so first. 

If you are concerned about the stamp or you are traveling elsewhere in the Middle East after Israel, you can quickly interject and request that your passport is not stamped. In that case, they will stamp a separate piece of paper. (More on that below).

Process for arriving in Israel by plane in 2023

The Israel Passport Stamp is no longer a concern for those flying into Israel - Neve Tzedek doorway
The Israel Passport Stamp is no longer a concern for those flying into Israel

There are three international airports in Israel. Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv is the main entry point for most people and is probably the airport you will fly into. 

There is then also Ramón International Airport for Eilat and Haifa Airport. Ben Gurion offers a number of direct flights to various cities around Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. 

Since the Israel passport stamp has been phased out, now, when you arrive, you are given a slip of paper instead. The slip of blue paper is essentially a smaller printout of the information page on your passport. 

It contains your passport photo, number, and key information, as well as your entry date in Israel. You may be asked about your purpose of travel in Israel, particularly if you have stamps for places like Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon in your passport. 

It is crucial that you keep this piece of paper with you at all times. Some luxury hotels may ask to see it when you check-in. You will need to return it again when you exit the country. 

You still need to fill in an entry requirement form 48 hours before flying to Israel in 2023. There are currently no vaccination or testing requirements. 

Things to Know About the Israel Passport Stamp 

Haifa, Israel
Haifa, Israel

The most commonly asked questions and concerns about the Israel passport stamp are detailed below.

Take care of the blue slip of paper 

If you decide to cross the land border with Palestine, you need to make sure that you keep the blue slip of paper with you. Armed Israeli soldiers often board the buses from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and other parts of the West Bank. 

They will ask to see your passport and paper in each direction. You’re hardly going to be refused entry back to Israel if you lose it but it’s best not to as it will cause you some headaches and an admin nightmare trying to get a new one..

Leaving Israel, receiving a pink slip of paper

When you leave Israel, you slide your blue slip of paper into an automatic machine. It will give you a pink slip of paper which contains more or less the same information. 

This acts as your exit slip. You will need to hand it to the Customs Officer as you leave. 

They will collect it and send you on your merry way. Do note that you may be asked a lot more questions when leaving Israel than you were when entering.

This is intimidating but the practice exists for everyone’s safety. Answer the questions honestly and you’ll be fine. 

I have passed through Israeli border control several times. There were stamps from Morocco, Malaysia, Turkey, Egypt, and the UAE on my passport.

I did not receive any serious questioning or interrogation. But the border agents did ask me how long I spent in each country, who I travelled with and why I went there.

This is standard procedure and nothing to stress over.

Crossing Israeli land border crossings 

Israel shares borders with Lebanon to the north, Syria and Jordan to the east, and Egypt to the south. The country does not have good relations with Lebanon or Syria, and these land borders are closed. 

Israel is amicable with Egypt and Jordan at least, even if the relationships are not perfect. You can travel overland to both countries. 

Jordan border crossing

Israel and Jordan in particular make a nice travel pairing. It is a popular choice to visit Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and then hop over the border to visit Amman, Petra, and the Dead Sea. 

There are a couple of border crossings that you can use to cross land borders from Israel to Jordan and vice versa. The Jordan River / Sheikh Hussein crossing and the Allenby/King Hussein Bridge Crossing are the most popular. 

The Yitzhak Rabin/ Wadi Araba is also a possible option if you are near Eilat. You can ask the Israeli border guard to stamp your blue slip of paper rather than your passport if you do not want an Israeli passport stamp. 

Do keep in mind that if you then cross from Jordan to Israel via any of these borders, a stamp on the Jordanian side of the crossing will act as proof of entering Israel. 

Egypt border crossing

If you are traveling from Israel to Egypt (or vice versa), you can technically use the Taba border crossing. 

However, the security situation is volatile in the Taba side of the border and the route between Taba and Cairo is not safe, especially for tourists. So, your best option is to fly between the two countries. 

Israeli visas 

Most nationalities are eligible for visa-free travel to Israel. This includes citizens of the United States, the United Kingdom, and most of Europe

If you are from a country where citizens require a visa for travel to Israel, this will be printed in your passport. As a result, the matter of the Israeli passport stamp is irrelevant.

Your Israel visa acts as proof that you have been to Israel.  

Travelling to Palestine

It is possible to travel to Palestine’s West Bank with an Israel stamp or slip of paper. Israeli forces control Palestine’s borders. You have to enter Israel to get to Palestine. 

You should present your blue slip of paper to the guards when entering and exiting Palestine. 

Countries that prohibit travel with Israel passport stamps 

The Israel passport stamp
The Israel passport stamp

You will note that your chances of even having to worry about an Israel passport stamp are slim. However, to clear up any uncertainty, the countries that you can and cannot enter with an Israeli stamp are detailed below. 

Countries you CAN visit with an Israel passport stamp 

Countries you CANNOT visit with an Israel passport stamp 

  • Iran**

  • Iraq** (Iraq not Iraqi Kurdistan)

  • Afghanistan

  • Lebanon

  • Syria

  • Libya

  • Kuwait

  • Pakistan

  • Saudi Arabia **

  • Yemen

  • Sudan

The above countries are those that officially sanction Israel and probit travellers that have traces of Israel in their passports. There are a few important caveats to this though. 

Firstly, Iran has now stated that you can travel to Iran with an Israel passport stamp. Travel to Iran is permitted if your trip to Israel happened more than 6 months ago.

Secondly, Saudi Arabia has recently started opening up to tourism. The Saudi electronic tourist visa application does not prohibit people with Israeli stamps from entering the country.

Similarly, many people have reported being able to get in and out of Saudia Arabia on business visas with no problem. 

Can I try and get into one of the above countries even if I have an Israel stamp?

No. It is really not a good idea to try and enter countries that sanction Israel if you do have an Israel passport stamp. Penalties vary from country to country.

Lebanon in particular is very strict about this.

Some countries may not even bother to check your passport. However, others may issue fines or refuse entry if you have travelled to Israel.

Additional border checks happen sometimes

Additional checks do happen occasionally. For instance, if you have just travelled to Iraq or Iran, the Border Guards may ask you to check your electronics, your phone, and your social media.

Keep calm, remember this is a safety procedure, and cooperate with the Israeli border guards. It may be useful to jot down the details of your country’s embassy prior to travelling to Israel, just in case.

This is good practice wherever you travel.

Will people know I’ve been to Israel? 

There is no way that you will be flagged up as having previously travelled to Israel if you do not receive a passport stamp. Rest assured, there is no high-tech spy-level technology that records this.

Similarly, if you had an Israel passport stamp in a previous passport, it will not affect your travelling on your new one. 

Can I rip a page out of my passport? 

You should never rip a page out of your passport. The entire document is essentially voided if you remove a page because you received an Israel passport stamp,

Review your local government travel advice 

Check your country’s government travel advice before travelling to Israel. This article is up to date to the best of my knowledge. However, processes can change overnight so it is better to double-check everything before you travel. 

You can find the UK government’s travel advice to Israel here. Here is the US government’s travel advice for Israel.

When did Israel stop stamping passports?

Various online sources state that Israel stopped stamping passports all the way back in 2013. So it has been about a decade since this was standard procedure, although people still ask about it a lot!

Final thoughts on avoiding the Israel passport stamp

Do you still have any additional worries or concerns about the Israel passport stamp? Do you need help planning an Israel itinerary?

Please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I traveled to Israel as a solo female traveller and loved my time there.

Safe travels! Melissa xo

Melissa Douglas

Melissa Douglas is a British Travel Writer and Blogger based in Athens, Greece. She writes for numerous high profile travel publications across the globe - including Forbes Travel Guide, Matador Network, The Times of Israel and The Huffington Post.

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  1. If my passport expires and I get it renewed – so it is like a blank passport!
    Can immigration officials still pull up computerized records?

    This is that after my visit to Israel on business VISA, now I want to see Egyptian mummies and Istanbul on tourist VISA.

    • Avantika I am sorry for the delay in replying – I was travelling in Uzbekistan with not much internet. Nope! There is no way that immigration can see that information without a stamp. In any case, Turkey and Egypt are both countries which are fine to visit even if you did have Israel stamps 🙂 Safe travels! Enjoy your trips!

  2. I am taking a tour trip that will include Israel and Jordan. I am thinking of visiting Egypt before Israel (literally 2 days before Israel) If I fly from Egypt to Israel (with layover in Jordan) Do you think I will have trouble with stamps?

    • Hi Ivett,

      Your trip sounds wonderful – hope you will have a great time!
      You shouldn’t have any issues with stamps as Israel, Jordan and Egypt all have peaceful relations with each other. Even crossing by land between Israel and Egypt, or Israel and Jordan is possible.

      Safe travels! Melissa xo

  3. You might want to update your bit about crossing from Jordan to Israel via the Allenby Bridge.

    Jordan will stamp a passport on entry into the country at any point (eg Queen Alia Airport). Crossing to Israel via the Allenby Bridge, the passport will not be stamped with an exit stamp from Jordan – this is a red rag to an enthusiastic bull. An entry stamp into Jordan without an exit stamp suggests to any conscientious border official that the only possible route was an entry into Israel.

    The way around this is to then exit Israel and re-enter Jordan. Israel will neither stamp your passport on entry, nor on exit, at Allenby Bridge. Jordan won’t stamp on exit nor on re-entry here too. So, enter Jordan at any border or airport other than via Israel (getting a Jordan entry stamp), hop over to Israel via the Allenby Bridge and then return the same way to re-enter Jordan (without any extra stamps anywhere), and then leave Jordan by any route other than through Israel (and get a Jordan exit stamp) – then it just looks like you’ve been in and out of Jordan only!

    • Hey Steve – Thank you very much for your input! When I travelled to Jordan, I did receive both entrance and exit stamps when crossing via the land border so I think it can depend. It’s worth keeping in mind, but I guess it depends a lot on the Border Guard that is working that day, and whether the process is subject to frequent review/change.

      Kind Regards,

  4. I think someone must visit Isreal such a nice country and one of the worlds best economy. I rather prefer to visit Isreal instead of visiting some stupid countries which are not allowing visitors to their country if he/she having an Isreal stamp in the passport. These countries should remember that nothing is there in their countries.No Tourists, No GDP, Unstable economy..

    • One should not pass judgement and call a country stupid because of their policies shows a lack of intelligence. I am a world traveler and when I visit a country I respect their culture and laws. I have been to Lebanon (one of those countries you refer as stupid) which is one of the most beautiful countries I have visited.

  5. Hi! I just read your article above. To confirm, if vice versa, my friend has a Bahrain stamp on her passport, she will not be denied entrance to Israel via a cruise? Thank you for any knowledge you can share.

    • Hey Jackie,

      Officially no, Israel do not ban people with Bahrain stamps from entering the country. It’s important to note though, that the Immigration Officials may ask questions about the various stamps that you have in your passports and where you have travelled before – this seems to be standard protocol. Of course, I cannot speak for what will happen with the Immigration Officer on the day.

  6. Melissa, you are hot. seriously. don’t waste it.

    now to the question: you updated your post with statement that it is now ok to go to Iran with Israeli visa as long as I was in Iran? more than six months ago.

    I assume you meant Israel?
    and is this confirmed info? where?

    • Hahaha well thanks.

      Yes – as long as you were in Israel more than 6 months before, the “official” word is that it is okay. This is according to the Iranian embassy while applying for my own Iranian visa.

      It’s important to note though that the relationship between the two countries is less than favorable, and with new developments being made in the Middle East constantly, I’d advise you to check with the Iranian embassy/consulate in your country before travelling.

  7. I am an Indian, and we need advance Visa for Israel, in such case, Visa will be stamped on Passport. Later if I wish to visit Saudi Arabia, then it may create an issue?
    In general having Visa on your passport does not mean that you visited that country. Btw, I am planning to visit Israel as a tourist.

    • Hey Shadab,
      I hope you are well.
      An Israel visa printed in your passport essentially acts the same way as an Israel passport stamp so it can cause issues in the countries mentioned as they do not have a good relationship with Israel. Having a visa in your passport doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve visited a country, sure, but some countries will not accept anyone that has even a trace of Israel in their passport.

      In the case of going to Saudi, I know a few people who had been there on work trips in the past with no problem. Now Saudi are also opening their doors to tourism and have introduced an e-visa which does not ask anything about Israel. My advice to you would be to email your local Saudi consulate and ask them what their thoughts are. I am not sure if Saudi immigration will be checking passports for this on arrival.

  8. We travel four or five time a year from Australia into Indonesia where we have an orphanage and school so of course we have many Indonesian stamps in our passports but we also hold a UK passport is it better to use this one for Israel rather than our Aussie passport?

    • Hi Mike and Ann,
      Hope you are both well. Honestly, I doubt it will matter if you take the passport with Indonesian stamps, as Indonesia is not one of the countries that has tense/troubled relations with Israel. You ought to be fine.

      Israeli border control can often ask a lot of questions about stamps but it seems to be part of the process rather than anything interrogative. I had a lot of stamps in my passport from Turkey (had to travel there a lot with my old job), and a lot of Middle Eastern countries. The Israeli passport control guys asked me what I had done in those countries but just seemed to be standard questions they ask.

      I hope that helps.
      Have a wonderful trip!

  9. Hi Melissa,

    My cousin is going to be visiting his brother-in-law in Dubai soon.
    He is an Indian passport holder.
    My concern is he will have a UAE stamp on his passport and later next year he would need to travel to Israel as well.
    Will the UAE stamp on his passport restrict his entry into Israel or reject his visa application?

    Best regards.

    • Hi Rebecca,
      I would advise you to contact your Israeli consulate if you are concerned. However officialy no, Israel do not ban you from entering or getting a visa if you have stamps and visas in your passport from UAE, or even countries that do not recognise Israel such as Iran and Lebanon. If anything, this just may lead to additional questions from Immigration when passing through airports/borders in Israel.


  10. Am impressed.Am learning new things.Am from Kenya,and have been to Dubai once,and am planning to visit next year,and at the same time visit Israel.Then visit Dubai again since i have relatives there.What should i do to avoid the Israeli stamp on my passport?

    • Hi Kelba,

      This entire article discusses avoiding the Israel stamp… Have you read it?

      You will not be given a passport stamp on arrival in Israel unless you and from a country that requires you to have a visa for Israel in which case your visa will be printed into your passport.

  11. Just a quick correction to your article; I had Israeli visa in my passport and wanted to visit United Arab Emirates and no, I was not allowed to enter. Just so you know that United Arab Emirates do not accept any trace of Israel in passports

    • Hi, this is not true. The official word from the UAE is that they do allow access to those with Israeli stamps and visas, just not Israeli passports. This is well documented.
      I too travelled to the UAE after having travelled to Israel and with proof of the visit in my passport. The UAE border guards at Hatta checked my passports thoroughly and made no comment. I am sorry that this happened to you, but it seems to be an isolated incident, as officially, you CAN enter the UAE with an Israel passport stamp.

  12. Hi,

    I need to know if I can get the Israel Tourist Visa as a separate document and not stamped on my passport, then this will avoid the entry/exit stamp on the passport correct ?? Noting that I’m Jordanian and UAE resident. Also I travel a lot to GCC countries (KSA, Kuwait,..etc) and ME region in general. Accordingly, would you please advise??


  13. i am in love with Isreal and I want to visit it since years..I am from Pakistan and Pakistani passport does not allow to get passport sticker on it……..but i have heard they issue visa on a separate paper to pakistani visitors..i am planning to visit Jordan and from Jordan to Isreal for 2 days only….Can you guide me? is it true?? do they allow pakistanis through blue paper ??

  14. My situation:(bare with me here…) I am going on a backpacking trip. I first fly from Atlanta to DOHA, Qatar on Qatar airlines for 12 hour stopover, then fly to Maldives, then fly to BAKU, Azerbaijan (flight connects through Doha, Qatar again) After exploring Azerbaijan, we take a train to GEORGIA, then later bus into ARMENIA. We then bus back to Georgia, then FLY from Georgia to ISTANBUL, Turkey. WE bus/fly around Turkey and then fly to Cyprus. Then we fly back to Turkey from Cyprus. We then ferry from Bodrum, Turkey to Santorini, Greece, then fly to Athens. THEN WE FLY INTO TEL AVIV. After 9 days of exploring Israel, we then FLY TO CAIRO FROM TEL AVIV. Then we fly out of Egypt to BAngkok, Thailand, then fly to Japan, then Korea then Taiwan, then China then back to USA. I just read your blog. It is January 25th, 2020 now. I believe my wife and I will have NO ISSUES according to your blog? We will just ask immigration of Tel Aviv to STAMP our blue cards as a precaution for Egypt? Yet, you go on to mention that even with “traces of stamp from Israel” Egypt is still okay to enter? So, regardless if we somehow got stamped in Tel Aviv when exiting, then no worries for CAiro? Plus, I assume Israel may simply question us when we arrive regarding visiting Turkey, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Qatar, but no need to be concerned? Please correct me if I am wrong? Thanks a lot!

  15. Hi Melissa

    I’m thinking about a 3+ week trip which will encompass Israel, Jordan, Lebanon and Cyprus. In fact, that’s the order I was planning on doing, unless you suggest something else.

    Border cross into Jordan, flight from Amman to Beirut, and then Beirut to Cyprus…

    Of course, any specific travel related information on any of these areas would be appreciated, in so far as can’t miss sites, best meal ever, and even personal contacts (especially in Beirut)…

    Thanks so much, Tom

    ps I own a small company, assisting American schools with the coordination of their Study Abroad programs…

  16. Dont forget about Israeli security stickers on the back of your passport. Those let the israeli immigration know if youve been questioned and other countries’ immigration officers might check. Id give the article but you disabled pasting.

    • Hi John,
      I’ve travelled to Israel numerous times and did not receive such a sticker. However if you do receive a removable sticker, common sense says to take it off when you depart the country – especially if you are planning on travelling onwards to places like Lebanon, etc, where you may have issues.

  17. Hi,
    I am an Indian passport holder with a valid US B1B2 visa and a travel history for US so is there any option of applying e-visa for Indians? and Can i travel to UAE if my passport got an Israeli visa stamp?
    Really appreciate your response

    • Hey Herbert,
      Thanks for your comment. You shouldn’t have any issues with this. I had Malaysia stamps in my passport the first time I entered Israel. Additionally, Israel do not prohibit entry to those who have previous history/evidence of travel to Malaysia. You can always double-check with your local Israeli consulate/embassy when you apply for your visa for your own peace of mind if you so wish. Safe travels! xo

  18. Hi Melissa,

    Two questions: What if an Israeli pink exit slip is found in your luggage upon entering Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Iran, etc.?

    Also, is the Israel issues still an accepted justification for getting the second US passport?


    • Hey Stan,
      The Israeli border authorities do not staple the pink exit slip into your passport or anything. It is handed to you separately. Who can say what individual guards may say/do? The best thing is probably to dispose of it before entering to be sure.

      I personally wouldn’t say that there is any need to get a second US passport as Israel passport stamps aren’t given any more. The only exception may be if you are frequently travelling to both countries like Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and to Israel. Then, Israeli border guards may ask you why you are spending so much time in those places.

      Kind Regards,

  19. Hi Melissa!
    Do you have any insight on travel to Israel from Amman right now? (July 2021) My family was scheduled with a travel agent to visit Egypt, Jordan and then Israel in August. The agency just cancelled the Israel portion. We are all vaccinated and are happy to do the testing prior to entering. But the agency, since they cancelled the trip, will not give me any information on going to Israel. Our flights are out of TelAviv (since that’s where we were supposed to be in the end). Should I try to plan 10 days in Israel on my own – or are they not letting people in at all now?
    thank you!!!

  20. Hi Melissa. I have big question in my mind which I think you can answer. I’d been to Jerusalem, Israel since 2004 for work as a live-in caregiver. It’s my first time to work in that country and had the visa stamped on my passport. I worked 2.5 yrs with a working permit and since my old man died already so I had to find another job so my working permit had been cancelled. I got pregnant so I chose to stay and had the B-2 visa stamped in my passport instead which expires only a month and had it 3times already. After I gave birth to my first child, I preferred to work as freelancer so I could manage the time as well as had time for my daughter so I decided not to employ in with a working permit. Until October 2010, I decided to go back to Philippines for good cos my husband moved to US for a better opportunity so he told us to better go home. I shared my little story so you will have an idea about what’s going to happen, what if I will go back to Israel for work of course thru a legit agency, will the immigration trace my record that I have already been in their country before and deny me of giving a working visa again? I really love Israel so much. I hope you could help me about this big question in my head. Thank you and more power.

  21. Sudan has diplomatic relationships with Zionist Israel. I think you made a mistake saying you can not enter Sudan with a Zionist stamp. Nevertheless Israel are terrorist that are occupying Palestine. So these devils that are called Israel will fall eventually. As Allah said in the Quran, read surah al isra first verses.

  22. Hello Melissa,

    I already booked a trip from USA to Tel Aviv. During the trip we are planning to visit Jordan and Egypt. Do you know if the land borders between Israel, Egypt and Jordan are open?

    • Yes and no. All 3 countries will require you to at bare minimum to get a PCR test if you have an approved vaccination certificate. Land borders weren’t open when I was just there but maybe that will change. Call the consulates in Jordan and Egypt. If scroll closed, you’ll need to fly. The pain and stressful ordeal or a hassle to find a place in Jordan and Egypt to get your nose violated every few days might not be worth it.

  23. Hello Malissa,

    Thank you for an excellent article!

    I have a question and I hope you might be able to help.

    We are a group of 6couples who planning to take a cruise that visits UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

    We all have dual citizenship of Canada and Israel, but will be travelling with our Israeli passports. Does it matter that we also have Israeli passports? One of us in the group was born in Israel, the rest not.

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi Kim,
      Thanks for your comment. Your cruise itinerary sounds incredible! I travelled through Oman in 2018 and it was one of my favourite countries. I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

      It would appear that you cannot enter the UAE or Qatar with an Israeli passport. Is it possible for you to travel with your Canadian passports?

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