5 thoughts on “How to Open a Bank Account in Greece – A Handy 2020 Guide”

  1. Im from Lebanon, i absolutely have no idea how to open a bank account in Greece noticing that i only have a lebanese passport . & Im a resident in Lebanon, i dont have any address in Greece yet.
    Im a freelancer in Lebanon & i have a lebanese bank account & some few cash $$$.
    Can you help where to start from & proceed.
    Thank you

  2. Hi,
    Can these documents be mailed or do you have to physically present yourself at a bank? I have a bank account in Greece, I need to update some information.

  3. Hey, amazing blog.
    As far as I know with rhe rigt papework and intial outlay, it is possible for a foreign citizen to open a banck account in Greece.

    • Alex yes it is – hence why this entire post was written, to help foreign citizens open bank accounts in Greece. Did you not read the article or the very obvious title? or were you just using this comment section as a way to try and promote your own link and blog which I have now removed?

  4. Yassu, wonderful informative blog. Im in the process of making my.dream reality~ moving to ellada! I am on limited time scale due to brexit. Your info is invaluable. I have lived/worked in athens but only seasonal so.never gone for resedency.. Im english, tefl & media degree holder. Ive also written for ex pat mags. Be great to meet up in Greece. I hope to based on Kos island but will go to athens frequently to do paperwork im sure haha… hugs, luci


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