Exploring the Saronic Gulf Islands & a Suggested Saronic Gulf Itinerary for 2022

The Saronic Gulf is an area in Southern Greece that often gets overlooked in favour of more well-known Greek islands. It is a region whose floating archipelagos possess rugged, breathtaking natural landscapes, secluded coves, and translucent cerulean waters perfect for diving and swimming. The Saronic Gulf The Saronic Gulf is one of six Greek island … Read more

21 Best Cities to Visit in Greece: Your 2022 Guide

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Greece in April: Your 2023 Insider’s Guide

Greece in April may not be the most common time to travel to this beautiful Mediterranean country. However, you may be surprised at just how pleasant it is to travel here out of season.  Travelling to Greece in April allows you to avoid the summer tourist hordes. It also comes with the added bonus that … Read more