Shopping in Seoul in 2021: The 18 Best Places According to a Local

Shopping in Seoul is a great activity for your city break in the Korean capital. This bustling megalopolis has something for every taste and budget. Whether you are looking to purchase stunning one-of-a-kind clothing items from local Korean Designers, or you are looking for your favourite high street stores, rest assured you will find precisely … Read more

15 of the Best Coffee Shops in Seoul and Where to Find Them

Coffee shops in Seoul can be found occupying virtually every street corner. For coffee lovers, the Korean capital is a caffeinated paradise. The special thing about the coffee shop scene in Seoul is how unique and quirky everything is. Forget your drab chain establishments and your bog-standard Starbucks lounges, coffee shops in Seoul tend to follow themes … Read more

Shangpree Spa, Cheongdam: Seoul’s Chicest Facial

Shangpree spa is widely regarded as being one of the best places to get a facial in Seoul. The spa comes highly recommended by the likes of Vogue, Conde Nast, Forbes, and The New York Times. As such, Shangpree’s reputation precedes it. K-Pop stars, international celebrities, and the Korean elite are among Shangpree’s loyal clientele. The … Read more