Visiting The Sool Gallery, Seoul [2023 Guide & Review]

The Sool Gallery in Seoul (전통주갤러리) opened several years ago. It was introduced as part of an initiative by the Korean tourism board. Following a temporary closure and a change to a new location, it reopened in 2023 and the gallery is ready to receive tourists again. The idea behind the Sool Gallery has always … Read more

South Korea Travel Tips – 46 Things to Know Before You Go [2023]

South Korea travel tips to know before you go? This guide has got you covered.  This comprehensive post has been written by someone who lived in South Korea for 2 years (me!) first as an English Teacher and then as an Asia Travel Correspondent. During that time I explored the country extensively – from Seoul, … Read more

Things to do in Insadong Seoul: Your Local’s Guide for 2023

Insadong Seoul is one of the most charming, unique, and historical districts in the Korean capital. Exploring its narrow cobbled streets and passageways is a highlight of any trip to Seoul and the area makes a great place to base yourself during your time in the city.  Insadong is perhaps best known for its traditional … Read more

Shopping in Seoul: 22 Places to Shop in 2023 [Local’s Guide]

Shopping in Seoul is a highlight of any trip to the Korean capital. This bustling city is home to dozens of different markets and neighborhoods, each of which has its own personality.  There are specific Seoul markets dedicated to handicrafts, wholesale fabrics, street food eats, and vintage or-second hand clothing. If you are looking to … Read more

24 Best Coffee Shops in Seoul 2023 – Written by a Local

Coffee shops in Seoul can be found occupying virtually every street corner. For coffee lovers, the Korean capital is a caffeinated paradise. The special thing about the coffee shop scene in Seoul is how unique and quirky everything is. Forget your drab chain establishments and your bog-standard Starbucks lounges! Coffee shops in Seoul tend to follow different … Read more

13 Reasons Why I Love South Korea: A Local’s Insight  

There are so many reasons to love South Korea. There is just something about it that is so captivating, magical, and unlike anywhere else in the world. Korea boasts a little something for everyone. The cities are dense, bustling megalopolises that are made up of various little districts and neighbourhoods that are like little villages … Read more