Hae Woo Jae: Visiting the Weird and Wonderful Suwon Toilet Museum, South Korea

The Suwon Toilet museum is perhaps one of the most eccentric museums in all of South Korea. This place is also affectionately known as “Hae Woo Jae” or “Mr Toilet House”.  As the name suggests, the museum is dedicated to the beloved bathroom contraption: the toilet! A visit here is more for the comedy factor, … Read more

Things to do in Seoul 2019: The Ultimate Guide Written by a Local

There are enough things to do in Seoul that even if you dedicated an entire week to exploring the vibrant Korean capital, you would still feel as though you had barely scratched the surface. At first glance, Seoul looks like just another big city with its glittering modern skyscrapers and its elegant central neighbourhoods. However, … Read more