Seoul Itinerary: Your 2022 Locals Guide

Embarking on a Seoul itinerary is a once in a lifetime experience. The Korean capital has so much to offer the open-minded traveller and yet, it remains grossly underrated. At first glimpse, Seoul may look like ¨just another¨ big city, but don’t let your first impressions deceive you. Seoul is not just a sprawling megalopolis. … Read more

Unexplored Korea: Ansan Multicultural City

Ansan multicultural street

Ansan Multicultural street: As I sit waiting for my gulai kambing Indonesian lamb curry, two Balinese waitresses scuttle over to me excitedly to ask me where I am from and how I happened upon their restaurant in this small industrial town. I tell them that I came here for the food market, and that I have … Read more

Body Shaming In Korea

Body Shaming In Korea: It’s no secret that trying to achieve virtually impossible standards of physical beauty is something that is deeply ingrained into Korean culture and that being beautiful is considered to be a factor of utmost importance. I discussed my experience with this in my article for The Huffington Post “Are You Pretty Enough To Live … Read more