Damyang Korea Travel Guide: Your Insider´s Guide for 2021

Damyang (Damyang-gun) is a county in South Korea´s Jeollanam-do province. It is south of Jeonju, and just north of Gwangju, respectively. Damyang is known for its stunning natural beauty and challenging hiking trails.  Tourism is a major industry for the locals in Damyang, Korea. However, mention the region to anyone internationally and chances are, they … Read more

Temple Stay in Korea: What to Expect [2021 Guide]

A temple stay in Korea is a great way to immerse yourself in Korean Buddhist culture. This is a unique experience that provides an insight into the Monastic way of life that historically speaking, has always seemed quite elusive, mysterious, and secretive. Organising a Temple Stay in Korea The Korean Templestay program is a cultural … Read more