Korea in Winter 2020: A Local’s Guide on What to See, Do, and Eat.

Travelling to Korea in winter presents travellers with the opportunity to spectate at eccentric seasonal festivals, ski in the mountains of Pyeongchang, and see the country’s cities and temples covered beneath a blanket of soft white snow. What to Expect Winter in Korea might sound like something of a fairy tale. The reality is that … Read more

Seoul Lantern Festival 2020 – A Local’s Guide on What to Expect

The Seoul Lantern Festival is an annual event that is hosted on the Cheonggyecheon stream every autumn. It’s a pretty spectacular site to behold, so if your trip to Seoul coincides with this, you should definitely stop by.  What is the Seoul Lantern Festival? The Seoul Lantern festival sees the Cheonggyecheon stream decorated with thousands … Read more

Visiting a Korean Fortune Teller in Seoul

Visiting a Korean fortune teller in Seoul is an interesting experience that enables you to delve a little deeper into the culture of South Korea. Not everyone believes in this kind of thing and that’s okay. In South Korea though, it’s common to consult fortune tellers several times throughout the year. Locals often use them … Read more