12 Quintessential Greek Experiences You Need to Have in Greece

Though the scenery and weather are two major appeals of travelling to Greece, there are a few Greek experiences and cultural activities that you can also try including in your Greece itinerary to have you feeling more like a local.  Greece is far more than just beaches and islands (as beautiful as both of those … Read more

Greek Mythology Stories: Fascinating Tales to Read Before Your Trip to Greece

Greek mythology stories tell riveting, shocking, and frightening tales of battles with mythical creatures, power-crazed gods that eat their own children, and monsters with eight heads. These stories are nothing more than legends, yes. However they are strongly intertwined with the historical sites in Greece, and the ancient worship of the Olympian gods.  Famous Greek … Read more

Halkidiki Greece: An Underrated Paradise

Halkidiki, Greece may well be one of the most underrated travel destinations across the entire Mediterranean. Where is Halkidiki? What is Halkidiki?  Halkidiki is a mainland region of Northern Greece. Its geography is pretty distinct – Halkidiki exists in the form of three prongs that jut out into the sea like Poseidon’s trident. These three … Read more

One Week in Greece: Perfect 7 Day Route for First Time Visitors [2022]

One week in Greece is a perfect amount of time to get a first taste of what this beautiful Mediterranean country has to offer. In an ideal world, you could stick around a little longer. However, if you are short on time, one week in Greece is enough to get a feel for the country’s … Read more