Best Pizza in Naples, Italy: Your Local 2022 Guide

The best pizza in Naples? That’s a tough question.

Naples is a city where the art of pizza making is taken seriously and delicious, chewy pizzas are a dinnertime staple at least once a week, also makes for an exceptional Naples day trip destination. As such, even locals will find it tricky to choose the place with the best pizza in Naples.

The city boasts over 1000 pizza joints. So, you can find a scrumptious pizza in pretty much every corner of the city.

In fact, locals would vouch that every single neighborhood has at least one Pizzeria which is worthy of an accolade. That being said, the truth is just a handful of them can lay claim to having the full credentials.

Yes, there are preas laid down by the regulatory bodies, with respect to the art of making a  pizza in accordance with the Neapolitan tradition. This makes it a bit difficult to decide from where to get the best bite. 

Since eating pizza in Naples is a must, we have listed some extra special places for you, to try a pie out of the ordinary.

Best Pizza in Naples

Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba

Via Port’Alba, 18, Napoli

This former 1738 food stand for vendors, is widely believed to be the first pizzeria of its kind in the world. Later on, in 1830 it found a prominent spot in the city centre from where it operates till date. 

Pizza lovers will swear that the menu of Antica Pizzeria is undisputedly the very best – coming from ovens lined with lava from the fabled Mt Vesuvius volcano. The pure flavours, simple ingredients and a no-frills decor adds to the enhancement of the food. Antica’s ricotta cheese pizzas are simply out of this world. 

L’Antica Pizzeria da Michelle

Via Cesare Sersale 1-3, Napoli

Long before Julia Roberts had her first bite here, the Condurro family, whose ancestors Salvatore originally opened the restaurant, had been delighting other celebrities with their classic Margherita and Marinara pizzas since 1930. 

First opened in 1870, L’Anitca today issues tokens to ensure everyone is served turn by turn. The secret to their success is by letting the dough rise between 36 to 48 hours. The result is a pure and delightful product that just needs a bit of topping to make it delictable. The service may be chaotic but the pizza is worth the wait. 

50 Kalo

Piazza Sannazzaro, 201b, Napoli

For quite some time now, Ciro Salvo has been carefully kneading traditional Neapolitan pizza in his 50 Kalo pizzeria to meet the overwhelming desire of the people of Naples. 50 Kalo, meaning ‘fine dough’ has become extremely popular because of the quality of the dough used, that is left to ferment for twenty hours. 

Surely many restaurants in Naples make great pizzas, but 50 Kalo stands out of the crowd. Their offerings are made with impeccable ingredients like organic tomatoes and the best pork from Caserta. High quality pizzas, modern decor and a very attentive staff are hard to find in a pizzeria, but the perfect ambassador, Ciro Salvo, handles all this with ease. Expect to find long lines here, but don’t let that stand between you and an amazing traditional pizza. 

Pizzeria La Notizia

Via Michelangelo da Caravaggio, Napoli

Coming from a family of pizza bakers, many of whom still operate in the city, Chef Coccia has been flipping doughs since the age of 12. Understandably, his obsession with regards to detail and material can be experienced the moment you sink your teeth in the chewy feather light Neapolitan pizza at Pizzeria La Notizia. 

Chef Coccia explains that their impeccable quality is due to two reasons. The dough is made to rise for 16 hours and only enough is made for 300 pizzas to ensure freshness. Enzo Cocia’s Pizzeria La Notizia sits on a hill past Vomero, with the guests sitting in whimsically decorated rooms, enjoying the finest pizzas. Sourced from local ingredients from Campania, the bright yellow tomatoes and strutto, make a dreamy offering of goodness topped with sausages and ricotta cheese.

Pizzeria da Attilio, Montesanto

Via Pignasecca 17, Napoli

This famous outlet has been in operation since 1938, in the lively district of Pignasecca, always serving their delicious pizzas with a smile. Attilio Bacchetti, the owner, does his job well as he greets the never ending flow of customers, standing close to the pizza oven near the entrance. 

Do not miss out on the super-special sole nel piatto (sun on plate) preparation which features pizza edges stuffed with ricotta cheese and toppings of buffalo mozzarella, sweet cherry tomatoes and cep mushrooms.

Gino Sorbillo

Via dei Tribunali 32, Napoli

Coming from a family of pizzaiolos, owner Gino Sorbillo is considered one of the best in Naples. Gino is often busy appearing on cooking shows explaining the art of perfecting pizzas, that is , when he is not besides his oven, 14 hours a day. 

Using the best raw material, one can eat the best pizza served in a courteous atmosphere. Arguably the most popular pizza joint in Naples, this self-named pizzeria is always crowded, thanks to it’s good location, low prices and the tastiest of pies. You may have to queue for lunch and dinner, but once inside all will be forgotten, as this is an integral part of the Naples pizza experience.

 Gorizia 1916

Via Gian Lorenzo Bernini 29-31, Naples

Located in the upscale district of Vomero, the family run pizzeria,Gorizia 1916, is considered to be an institution in itself. While the pizzas are the spearhead of the company, the elegant interiors, excellent service and pure white tablecloths have attracted distinguished customers over the years. The sixth generation chef, the quality of dough, and the behind the counter professionalism, all add to the visit.

Carminello Secondigliano

Corso Secondigliano, 350, Napoli

Founded in 1910 by Carmine de Lucia, the roots of this notable pizzeria began from a pushcart stall. Over the years the pizzas gained in popularity, and the same passion is visible in the current owners Maria de Lucia and Vincenzo. 

The preparation is traditional, light and crispy and done in a wood oven. The fried pizza prepared by Ms Lucia is exceptional, the same as hundred years ago. If you still have space left in your tummy after this feast try out the pistachio cream pizza, which is exclusive to this joint.

La Masardona, Case Nuove

Via Giulio Capaccio 27, Napoli

Owner Enzo serves the most famous lip-smacking pizza fritta, made from pizza dough which is deep fried and filled with traditional stuffing like dry pork cubes, salami, tomato and ricotta cheese. The Piccirillo family have won many awards for this special dish. 

The pizzeria is conveniently located in the railway district between the Loreto Mare Hospital and Corso Arnaldo Lucci. A glass of marsala served with fried pizza is the norm here since La Masardona opened in the 1930’s. It is widely acknowledged today that the best kept secret of Case Nuove district is this haven for fried pizza in the whole of Italy.

Pizzeria Napoli Tutino Porta Nolana

Via Cesare Carmignano,79 Napoli

The Tutino brothers, Ciro and Giuseppe have mastered the art of  their Libretto pizza since 1960. This preparation is usually of Margherita or Marinara type, a bit smaller in size to the classic one, and with thinner borders, and is served folded in four. 

The strategic location of the outlet not far from the Port Nolana market, makes it a hotspot for visitors who shop in the district. In this pizzeria you still get the traditional ‘booklet pizza’ made famous by the Marigliano family of pizza makers who gave these on a week’s credit to customers.

Starita Materdei

Via Materdei, 27-28, Napoli

Originally housing a cellar in 1901, Starita turned into a traditional food and wine outlet in the 1940’s. Their speciality pizzeria friggitoria, figured in the 1950 movie ‘Koro di Napoli’ starring the beautiful Sophia Loren, who donned the role of an adultress pizzaiola. Posters adorning the walls tell this story beautifully. 

Located near the Materdei station, Starita has hosted many celebrities including the Pope.. Some popular menu features include porchetta di ariccia, topped with roast pork, provola and basil, and carciofa, with artichokes and basil.

Pizzeria di Matteo

Via dei Tribunali, 94 Napoli

When a celebrity like Bill Clinton, during his visit to Naples while attending the G7 summit in 1994, enjoyed the pizza of Di Matteo, it came as no surprise when Salvatore Di Matteo won the Pizza World Cup in 2011 held in Anzio. 

Di Matteo is a two-storeyed restaurant in the heart of Via Tribunali, a short distance from Piazza San Gaetano. If you happen to be at this stellar pizzeria, do not forget to order the frittata di pasta, an egg-based dish along with your pizza. This joint is supposed to have the very best of those. 

While all pizzas in Italy are not made equal, it is pretty challenging to get one that you don’t like. After all a pizza is as important as religion to the locals, and even more so in Naples. This simple dish, made from the most fundamental ingredients, is the true gift from Italy to the world, as there is hardly any city that doesn’t have a pizza outlet. It is the hands, hearts, and souls of the pizza that go into making this dish so popular around the world.

As we conclude our slice of adventure in seeking out the Best Pizza in Naples, one can’t help but wonder, what is it that makes Neapolitan pizza so irresistibly divine? Is it the fresh, locally sourced ingredients, the traditional wood-fired ovens, or perhaps the love and passion kneaded into every dough? We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences. Have you ever tasted a slice of Naples?

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