Reliable travel resources are invaluable, especially for frequent travelers. Even when you prefer a spontaneous approach, there’s a range of research and preparations that are essential for any journey. There are a few that I use all the time and always come back to. I use them to plan and book all my vacations, so use them to book yours as well!

All the Travel Resources You’ll Need…

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Accommodation is usually the first place we go for accommodation if we are just staying for one or two nights, especially if we are booking at the last minute. As well as listing hotels, it often has a wide variety of smaller guesthouses, bed & breakfasts, and other family-run properties, depending on the destination.

The Agoda accommodation booking platform is an excellent resource for finding cheap hotels in Asia, especially Southeast Asia. It has an extensive database of hotels, as well as smaller guesthouses.

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Transfer & Flights

Usually, this is the first search engine we use when comparing routes, airlines, and prices. It has started to list more low-cost carriers, but not everything. We’ve used it for booking rental cars as well.

When it comes to exploring destinations at my own pace, I turn to for car rentals. It’s incredibly convenient for international travel, offering a wide range of vehicles to suit any journey, be it through bustling cities or serene countryside drives. has been a game-changer for my travels, especially when navigating unfamiliar airports and cities. Their extensive network, covering over 2000 locations worldwide, ensures I always have a reliable ride waiting, no matter where my adventures take me.

Priority Pass has transformed my airport experiences. With access to over hundreds of lounges worldwide, it’s a haven for a frequent traveler like me. Joining this program was a decision that brought unexpected comfort and luxury to my journeys, making long layovers a time to relax and rejuvenate.

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Tour & Activities

The platform’s direct connection to local suppliers not only saves money but also ensures authentic experiences. It’s an essential tool for uncovering the hidden gems of every destination.

Go City has been a game-changer for my city explorations. With one pass for over 40 cities, including favorites like New York and Paris, I get seamless access to a myriad of attractions. It’s cost-effective and perfect for immersing myself in the culture and sights of each city without the hassle of individual tickets.

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TripAdvisor is my another trusty sidekick in travel planning. Whether I’m looking for the best hotels, unique tours, or must-visit restaurants, it’s all there, backed by a community’s reviews.

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From helicopter tours to immersive city walks, it has everything. The reviews and photos from fellow travelers are invaluable, helping me choose the perfect activities that turn my travels into a series of unforgettable moments.

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The ease of downloading and installing their eSIMs instantly connects me with the networks. It’s incredibly convenient for a traveler like me who needs reliable data connectivity without the hassle of physical SIM cards or exorbitant roaming charges.

This international SIM card offers affordable mobile services abroad, making it perfect for staying connected without the burden of monthly fees. It’s my another go-to for seamless communication, wherever my journey takes me.


Traveling often means preparing for the unexpected, and VisitorsCoverage has been my go-to for reliable travel insurance. Whether I need health insurance for international adventures or for visiting the USA, their policies provide the peace of mind I need to enjoy my travels fully.

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On my travels, OYO has been another great discovery. With its vast network of hotels and homes, it offers comfortable and affordable stays. Whether I choose a hotel room or a more personal living space, OYO is a good place to choose.

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