14 Lindos Greece Hotels for Every Traveler

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Welcome to Lindos, Greece, where ancient history collides with modern luxury, and crystal-clear turquoise waters call out to visitors from near and far. Before you experience a vacation of a lifetime in this mesmerizing place, let me be your tour guide to the extensive and confusing world of all the best Lindos Greece hotels. 

From hostels for the budget traveler to five-star resorts for those who want to indulge, Lindos hotels have everything to keep you happy, satisfied, and your vacation full of relaxation and pleasure. Discover the best Lindos Greece hotels with us as we promise an unforgettable stay in this Mediterranean haven of paradise.

Best Hotels for Backpackers

Are you a solo backpacker looking to discover the magic of Lindos? Don’t worry, as there are numerous options available to you that are cheap and convenient for backpackers. Check out some of our top picks: 

Rhodes Backpackers Hostel 

Located in the beating heart of Lindos, this lively hostel is a meeting place for those who love low-cost accommodation but have no intention of foregoing comfort. Affordable dorms, a comfortable social area, and a laid-back atmosphere are all available at Rhodes Backpackers Hostel. What’s more, the hotel is a stone’s throw away from Lindos’ most well-known tourist spots. 

Caesar’s Gardens Hotel & Spa

For a hotel with high-end ambitions but low-end costs, consider Caesar’s Gardens Hotel & Spa. In a tropical setting, this hot springs hotel features fashionable accommodations. Backed by rock-bottom rates, Caesar’s Gardens Hotel & Spa is worth considering if you wish to spend a week on the coast with a little extra luxury.

Top Picks for Budget Stays

Traveling on a budget in Lindos doesn’t mean compromising on comfort or missing out on the authentic Greek experience. Here are our top picks for budget-friendly stays that offer excellent value for your money:

Kalathos Sun Hotel

Kalathos Sun Hotel offers modern self-catering apartments with a kitchenette to the budget traveler. The self-contained apartment allows visitors to prepare their meals. 

The place is located near Kalathos Beach provides unparalleled leisure and an adventurous lifestyle blossoming with a lot of nearby fun adventures to visit the magnificent Acropolis of Lindos or chill on a private balcony beyond the beautiful Aegean Sea. 

George Studios Pefkos

George Studios in Pefkos is an excellent home stay for cost-conscious visitors. The family offers a sunshine-filled stay and is always available to attend to your numerous questions regarding the Greek lovely streets. 

The guesthouse is readily available for a relaxed visit to the beach or a visit to Lindos’s stores. The George Studios guesthouse is comfortably resting with several services, making it advantageous whether you are traveling alone or using the family. 

F.D Studios

F.D Studios at the heart of the village is a great layback to rest after the hectic Greek terrains. It offers a tidbit of a place untainted by the bustle of the tourist village. The service at the studio available is humbling with personalized boutique offers at our guests’ demand. 

The surrounding environment is quite flashing, with Greek evidenced all around. Using F.D Studios, guests are in a better rest of experiencing Greek magic at a budget friendly price.

Luxurious Retreats for a Lavish Vacation

If indulgence and luxury are your top priority when traveling, Lindos has a variety of upscale retreats to satisfy your every desire. Sumptuous retreats will pamper you from within with their offerings of grandiosity combined with unparalleled service. 

Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel & Suites

The legendary Lindos Blu Luxury Hotel & Suites extends elegance against the background of the immaculate Vlycha Bay. The cucumbers behind this iconic establishment have designed the most luxurious accommodations imaginable, featuring a selection of modern amenities with a view of the sea that will literally take your breath away. 

An infinity pool distracts you from the lively Aegean Sea, spa treatments that exude luxury, and the local cleansing Mediterranean specialties salon: Staff and service, everything here is designed to satisfy your every whim and fantasy. 

Lindos Grand Resort & Spa – Adults Only

For a more private and customized experience, the Lindos Grand Resort & Spa – Adults Only is the destination for you. The resort is surrounded on almost all sides by lush gardens and shimmering water as it sits alongside the azure pool in the Aegean Sea.

The resort is an idyllic, romantic retreat that is particularly well suited for couples and newlyweds, with lush gardens and azure shimmering waters surrounding it. The sumptuous rooms and suites of the resort are equipped with all the trappings of modern life and maintain a chic, understated charm. 

Whatever your needs may be, they will be met and perfected at this place. 

Lindos Mare Seaside Hotel

Lindos Mare Seaside Hotel is located between the landscaped gardens and the sea and provides a calm refuge for the most demanding guests. Lindos Mare’s white-and-blue architecture evokes the traditional feel of Cycladic life, fully incorporating the local sensibilities. 

Large rooms and suites with a sea view, reviewed by the Mediterranean specialties of the hotel’s restaurants, make your stay on the Lindos shore your ideal vacation. Ultimately, however, it is Lindos Mare’s attentiveness and personal care that will capture and captivate you.

Family-Friendly Options for Traveling with Kids

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Are you traveling with your little ones? While in Lindos, the family accommodations below will make you feel at home: 

Esperides Beach Resort 

Located on Lindos sun-kissed shore, Esperides Beach Resort is just what you need for a family getaway. The resort accommodates enough space and facilities to ensure every family member has the experience of a lifetime. Whether it is a private pool, children’s pools or playground at the kids’ club, everyone is taken care of. 

You can also be sure to indulge in various water sports at the beach that is directly accessible and the water sports center is just a few meters away. Book your family stay at Esperides Beach Resort and have a fun time together in Lindos. 

Rhodes Bay Hotel & Spa 

While near to the historical city of Rhodes, Rhodes Bay Hotel & Spa offers the perfect family tranquility. The hotel makes sure families with kids have just what they need. From the kids’ pool and kids’ club for the supervised stay to ample family suites, it is a perfect stay for the parents. While the little ones the adults are having fun at the pool or the spa. Rhodes Bay Hotel & Spa is an ideal family trip as it offers excellent services and amenities. 

Akti Imperial Deluxe Resort & Spa Dolce by Wyndham 

Bring your family to the beachfront Akti Imperial Deluxe Resort & Spa Dolce by Wyndham . From the waterpark to the sports center, family rooms, and more, enjoy the whole family. Your children will engage in the kids’ club and the pool as parents relax. The luxurious services and amenities make Akti Imperial Deluxe Resort & Spa Dolce by Wyndham ideal for your family Lindos vacation.

Eco-Friendly Stays: Sustainable Accommodations in Lindos

As sustainability becomes a cornerstone of contemporary lifestyle, Lindos is proud to offer an array of eco-conscious hospitality . Here are the most prominent examples of sustainable accommodation that lead the trends in Lindos:

Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort 

Aquagrand is not merely a luxury resort – it is also a beacon of environmental awareness. Aquagrand resort prioritizes minimizing the carbon footprint and utilizes a variety of resources to this end. The venue operates energy-efficient light and water-saving devices to conserve electricity and freshwater resources . Moreover, their guests are treated to delicious gastronomy made of local, organic produce, which contributes to the local economy and reduces food miles. Aquagrand also practices the use of renewable sources of energy, such as solar panels and wind turbines.

Ville Di Lindos 

Ville Di Lindos, falling into its lush natural design, is a prime example of sustainable architecture and community-engaged businesses. The resort incorporates traditional Greek design elements and modern environmentally-friendly efforts to reduce energy consumption . Furthermore, Ville Di Lindos supports its local community by engaging with environmental and cultural protection projects. The venue’s lush organic garden uses sustainable agriculture to present one with local fruit, veggies, and herbs and offers one a truly environmentally-conscious experience. 

Melenos Art Boutique Hotel 

Melenos Art Boutique Hotel is a place where art meets ecology in a seamless unity. The venue is decorated by local artists, using local materials and designs, and is promoting local artisans and handicraft as part of the sustainability initiative. Melenos is also proud to utilize rainwater harvesting and greywater recycling systems for curbing water wastage . The venue also organizes workshops and eco-tours to help the guests learn about eco-conscious ecology. Altogether, Melenos Art Boutique Hotel offers a delightful, artistic, and ecological experience in living.

Your Lindos Greece Hotels Adventure Begins Now

And there it is – our guide to Lindos Greece hotels. Remember, the place where you stay determines your adventure. Therefore, prepare for an unmatched experience in this Mediterranean paradise. Whether you are a thrifty traveler, a seeker of high-end luxury, a familial guest for endless fun, a lover longing for a romantic getaway, or a planet-loving guest, Lindos has all its unique hotel for you. 

While we all aim for extraordinary things, from the hostels and budget-friendly to the resorts and luxury suites, this town ensures your stay is nothing short of magical. 

So, pack your bags, set your wandering self free, and come ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Select your perfect hotel, indulge in the beauty of Lindos, and hope the memories here become stories to tell a lifetime. Your guide to Lindos Greece hotels adventure starts now – take it in and ready for the experiences.


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