How Well Do You Know Athens? Test Your Knowledge & Win a Prize!

Yassas, fellow Philhellenes! If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably fallen head over heels for Athens. Its ancient ruins, buzzing energy, and mouthwatering cuisine have a way of captivating every traveler who sets foot here.

But just how well do you really know this incredible city? Are you a casual admirer or a true Athenian aficionado?There’s only one way to find out…

Introducing the “How Well Do You Know Athens?” Quiz

Get ready to put your knowledge to the test! I’ve crafted a 10-question quiz that delves into the heart of Athens, covering everything from its iconic landmarks and mythological tales to its hidden gems and cultural quirks.

Think you can ace it? 🤔 Well, there’s more than just bragging rights at stake. The highest scorer will win an exclusive Athenian experience that I’ll personally curate for you!

Why Take the Quiz?

  • Challenge yourself: See how much you know about this fascinating city.
  • Learn something new: Discover intriguing facts and trivia about Athens.
  • Win a prize: Score the highest and unlock a unique Athenian adventure.
  • Connect with fellow travelers: Share your results and compare notes with other Athens enthusiasts.

Ready to Play?

Take the quiz below and enter for a chance to win. Don’t forget to share your results on social media and challenge your friends! Kalí tíchi! (Good luck!)

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How Well Do You Know Athens?

Think you're an Athens expert? Prove it! Take our epic quiz, challenge your friends, and score a chance to win a Greece island hopping itinerary!

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Fun Fact: The word "Acropolis" means "high city" in Greek.

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Fun Fact: The Ancient Agora was not just a marketplace, but also the center of Athenian social and political life.

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Fun Fact: The Parthenon was built without using any mortar; its massive marble blocks are held together by precisely cut joints and metal clamps.

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Fun Fact: This strong spirit is said to have medicinal properties and is often enjoyed as a digestif.

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Fun Fact: This district was once an industrial area before its transformation into a lively entertainment hotspot.

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Fun Fact: The guards in this ceremony are known for their slow, high-stepping march and distinctive uniform.

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Fun Fact: This museum is home to some of the world's most unique and enigmatic prehistoric sculptures.

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Fun Fact: Exarcheia is home to many independent bookstores, cafes, and art spaces, fostering a vibrant counterculture.

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Fun Fact: This cinema offers a truly unique movie experience under the stars, with breathtaking views of ancient ruins.

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Fun Fact: This glamorous street has been a hub for luxury shopping and social gatherings since the 19th century.

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A Few Tips Before You Start:

  • Some questions are easy, some are tricky – be prepared for anything!
  • Read each question carefully before answering.
  • Don’t be afraid to guess – you might just get lucky!
  • Most importantly, have fun and enjoy learning more about this amazing city!

Bonus: I’ve sprinkled some fun facts throughout the quiz to keep things interesting. Even if you don’t win, you’re sure to walk away with some newfound knowledge about Athens.

Let’s see who the true Athenian expert is! Opa!


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