Skopelos Greece: A Local’s 2023 Travel Guide

Skopelos Greece is a gorgeous island in the Sporades archipelago, off the northeastern coast of mainland Greece. It is affectionately known as the ¨blue green island¨ on account of its incredible natural beauty and is arguably one of the last sleepy Greek island idylls that as of yet, remains unchanged by tourism. If you are … Read more

Best Beaches on Skopelos Island – Your 2023 Guide by a Local

The best beaches on Skopelos island offer something for everyone. You will find everything here from secluded coves that are accessible only by boat, to serviced beaches lined with tavernas and amenities.  Being an island, Skopelos boasts 67km of coastline. Despite being the setting for the Hollywood movie “Mamma Mia”, Skopelos has remained largely under … Read more