23 Breathtaking Places to Visit in Italy – Written by Someone Who Used to Live There

Establishing the best places to visit in Italy is a tricky business. After all, the entire country is a Mediterranean paradise. With beautiful coastlines filled with pastel-coloured towns, beaches bordered by translucent azure waters, and quaint medieval villages, Italy has something for every type of traveller.  It is no surprise that 58.3 million people travel … Read more

80 Quotes About Italy to Inspire You to Embark on an Italian Adventure

As a self-professed Italophile and indeed, someone with Italian roots and heritage, I love reading quotes about Italy. The beautiful words and poems of some of history’s most notable writers and figures help me to relive my own Italian travel memories, in addition to seemingly transporting me back to the chaotic streets of Naples, or … Read more

Off the Beaten Path Rome: 33 Weird & Wonderful Things to do in Rome to Escape the Crowds

Finding off the beaten path things to do in Rome: One of life’s great impossibilities? It goes without saying that Italy’s capital city is one of the most popular weekend break destinations in Europe. Besides, when most people travel to Italy for the first time, they don’t venture to places like Naples, or the quaint … Read more