Procida Island, Italy: Your Complete 2020 Guide & Suggested Itinerary

The charming island of Procida, with its pastel-coloured harbors, its quaint cobbled streets and its secluded coves, is a perfect getaway from Naples. Procida is the smallest of the three Poet’s islands (Ischia, Procida, and Capri) and remains relatively undiscovered among international travellers. The Appeal of Procida Island   Most of those who travel to … Read more

Quotes About Sicily to Inspire You to Visit

Reading quotes about Sicily is a nice way to get excited about an upcoming trip to the beautiful Southern Italian island, or to inspire you to go ahead and book a ticket. Sicily, at the crossroads of the Mediterranean, has seduced travellers for centuries with its cerulean waters, its dreamy landscapes, and its rich cultural … Read more