South Korea’s House of Toilets

When I searched Trip Advisor for “Things to do in Suwon” and stumbled across an attraction called “Mr Toilet House”, I knew I simply had to go and see it for myself. I love weird stuff and this place had to be the sh*t right? (Ugh awful pun I’m sorry!)


Mr Sim Jae Duck was the former Mayor of Suwon City and he felt that he wanted to “beautify” the public toilets in Suwon ready for the spotlight on Korea in the 2002 Olympics. Toilets were no longer a place to just dump and er… Jump? They were now a place where one could relax whilst doing their business. Sim Jae duck took this project so seriously that he knocked down his home of 30 years and rebuilt it in the shape of a toilet…
He renamed it “Hae Woo Jae” stemming from the Buddhist word for toilet “Haewooso” – place to relieve your worries.

After he died, the house was opened to the public and his family created a garden filled with poo related statues in his memory… Maybe a nice wreath would have sufficed?




Not sure how you can find your way around the place? Just follow the yellow brick poo! (No I’m serious…)


  1. Ha ha this place is hilarious. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a toilet shaped house and I cant believe so many statues relating to taking a dump even exist. Probably not one for my bucket list but very amusing.

  2. Haha what a different kind of attraction! Look like something fun and unique to check out! This reminds me of the statue in Brussels of a boy peeing haha. I love the pun by the way 😉

  3. Hahahaha this is so weird. I love weird! Glad to see someone takes something ugly but necessary and tries to make it more beautiful. Great job, South Korea!

  4. I would definitely visit mr Duck’s house just for the crack of it. The statues look like they are in a lot of pain, maybe they were all constipated? Tell the truth, did you take any selfies with any of them? :))

  5. This is hilarious and quite possibly the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. Ha! Love the potty humor sprinkled throughout your post. My daughter will be potty training when we go to South Korea next year, so this is going on the list of places to visit!!

  6. What an amusing post. As I kept reading, I was asking myself “is this for real”. How fascinating and love the commitment to creating a place to “relieve your worries.” Thanks for sharing this odd but interesting “House of Toilets.”

  7. Haha this is such a weird place! I’ve heard of toilet cafes and such around Asia but this is a whole new level of strange! I’m sure he is up there happy that his family is carrying on his legacy, I guess? 🙂

  8. Hilarious. For some odd reason I went through a phase where I wanted to grow shrimp, prawns more exactly. They take about 120 days to mature so you need a tank of fresh water that gets somewhat frequent circulation and aeration. I figured the back of toilet would be the perfect place. You might need a screen to keep from flushing your little friends but they shouldn’t take too much care. Three times a year you get to feast on your very own toilet shrimp. To date, I have never met another person who even remotely thought this was a good idea.

  9. Okay, a house of toilets! Interesting that they built in an element of humour into it, otherwise, I doubt if much artistic appeal was possible 🙂 An addition into the weird museums of the world.

  10. hahahahaa this is so amazing! So random and weird! like a lot of things in Japan/Korea ^^ Your style of writing is so funny too !!! I love to know about weird places like that ^^ I’ll pin it ! 😉

  11. OMG!! Hahaha this is gross and senseless! Why? Why this exists hahaha. I totally understand you, I would probably also need to see it myself, just to witness what people’s brain can make up… 😀

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