Neko Box: Beautiful Japanese Subscription Boxes From Tokyo

Of all the countries that I’ve traveled to, Japan was one place that really captured my heart so when I heard about Neko Box and their Japanese subscription boxes, understandably I was incredibly excited. The boxes are expertly put together by two Designers living in Tokyo and include a stunning mixture of ceramics, handicrafts, and Japanese stationary items which follow a different theme each month.

Japanese Subscription Box
Neko Box: The Edo Period Box

One thing which is very evident in all aspects of these subscription boxes – from the packaging, to the products sourced, is that they have been carefully and lovingly put together by people who have a genuine passion for the Japanese culture, and whom want to share its beauty with the world.

As mentioned, each box follows a specific theme relating to a particular era or region in Japan and though an overview of the theme is given, what arrives in the box is a complete surprise, cue childlike excitement. I received Neko Box’s Edo box which is based on the Edo Period in Japan.

Japanese Subscription Box
The boxes have lovely attention to detail: Even the tissue paper that neatly conceals the items packaged within the box follows the Edo theme with its Seigaiha wave design!

An enclosed item list provides the recipient with a breakdown of what exactly is inside their Neko Box, and the accompanying “KAWA Zine” brochure provides an interesting history and background to the specific Japanese theme in order to give the items more context.

Japanese subscription box
Japanese subscription box

Contained within this particular box were postcards depicting historic Edo prints (you must recognize the famous Kanagawa Wave print by Hokusai, right?), ceramics, a hammered metal spoon, a printed cloth and a beautiful ceramic windchime.

The quaint little windchime was perhaps my favorite item within the box. Named “Furin”, they are commonly found outside of Japanese houses and make a soft, pleasant tinkling sound as a breeze passes. The windchime was produced by a ceramic maker from Seto – a city with a 1300 year history of pottery. I love thinking about the history of this product and the journey that it took from its production to finally greeting me at home in Europe. Since the item is delicate, I’ve chosen to hang it from inside of the window.

Japanese subscription box
Japanese subscription box

The Edo pattern plate, and hammered metal spoon are iconic symbols of Japan during this period. Since many of Neko Box’s monthly subscription boxes include ceramics and tableware products, from my perspective this is a great way to gradually build up a worldly and enviable collection of kitchen products.

This Seigaihwa Wave Print cloth has a traditional Edo design. The edges are intended to be frayed in order to help the cloth in drying better. You can choose what you wish to use this for (dishcloth, wall hanging, etc) but to me it is too beautiful to be used just to dry my dishes so I’m using it as a table cover for a small end table.

Each individual Neko Box is priced at $34.99, or £27. The total retail value of this particular box is $69 (or £53!)  Personally, I think that that is excellent value considering the quality of the items that you are receiving and not to mention, the time and care that has been taken into putting the box together. Whether you are someone who has an interest in Japan, an interest in learning about other cultures, or you simply have a love for home interiors, then you will certainly love learning about the land of the rising sun through these beautiful Japanese subscription boxes.

Additional Information

Prices: $34.99 per month for individual boxes but discounts available for longer subscriptions. Check the specifics here.

Disclaimer: As always, High Heels & a Backpack believes in complete honesty when it comes to writing reviews. I received a complimentary Neko Box Japanese subscription box in exchange for this article, however isn’t it just the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? I really love to decorate my apartment with unique items that I collect from my travels around the World and with a real passion for Asian cultures, Neko Box suits that perfectly. I have every intention of subscribing to this box as a customer once I decide upon a place I want to live for longer than five minutes. 

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