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Since I discovered it earlier in the year, I now always book my flights with for one reason and one reason alone: They are just SO much cheaper than flights offered elsewhere. Just to confirm, this review of is NOT a sponsored post  and I didn’t receive any remuneration from them for writing this article, I just think that they are awesome!

Finding Cheap Flights with - Review

I recently booked a flight from the UK to Tel Aviv for just £47 ($60 USD) via – a substantial difference to the prices offered by the likes of Skyscanner and Netflights who averaged at around £120 each way! I almost fell off my chair in shock, immediately googled this magical website to ensure that it wasn’t a scam and promptly told everyone I knew, only to discover that very few people had actually heard about which is why, kind hearted soul that I am, I am spreading the word from here by writing this review of

HOW Does Offer Such Cheap Flights?

When things sound too good to be true there has to be a catch, right? Wrong! uses an advanced algorithm which pulls together the data and flight deals offered on all airline websites and flight comparison sites therefore showing you all routes rather than just a selection.

How to find cheap flights with combines flights via different airlines to offer the most competitive prices.

Sometimes the routes on Kiwi are so cheap because the engine combines flight routes that may not typically sold together – for example, Emirates and Air Asia, or Ryanair and British Airways. You would never find this on the airlines websites, and other comparison sites do not go to the same extent of combining routes as does.’s Unique Functions

I like Kiwi because it also offers a lot of flexibility to play around and take a look at numerous different flight options in a much easier-to-navigate fashion than many other comparison sites so let’s take a look at some of the unique features it has…

The Radius Search

This feature is probably the most unique and is definitely a lifesaver for Backpackers and those who have a little flexibility with their travel plans. The radius tool allows you to draw a little circle on the map (also super cute and fun!) around the area that you want to travel to, and then presents the costs of flying to various cities within your desired region.

So, for example, if you’re planning on backpacking through Southeast Asia and you know that you want to visit Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos but you’re not particularly fussed about which order you conduct your journey in, you can save yourself some money by utilizing this tool.

Booking cheap flights with


Although it’s not imperative, you can also draw a radius circle around your Departure region – useful if you aren’t located near a main airport, and you want to see which offers the cheapest flights without trying multiple searches like you would on Netflights, or Skyscanner.

Booking Cheap Flights with

Note: To use the radius tool, move the map to the desired area, right click, and then select either “fly from here” or “fly to here” as required.

The “Anywhere” Tool

Booking cheap flights with
Booking cheap flights with’s “Anywhere” tool offer an “anywhere” tool which enables you to see all routes leaving from your local airport. You can filter the routes by the cheapest, the most popular, and the recommended. If you’re a budget traveler or a backpacker, this is really excellent as you can be certain that you are finding the absolute cheapest flight from where you currently are (plus it’s a nice little added form of travel inspiration which suggests destinations to you which you may not have previously considered!) To be completely honest, this isn’t the most unique function that Kiwi offers, since several comparison sites have similar functions now, but it’s still pretty useful, and to be able to use the map to zoom around and see what’s available is a nice extra touch.

The Country Search Feature

Finding Cheap Flights with
Using Kiwi’s Country Search Feature

A little like the Radius tool, Kiwi’s country search feature is super useful because it will show you the cheapest point of entry at your destination country. So, let’s imagine that you have three weeks off work and you want to travel around China, you can just type “China” in the Destination field which shows us that Shanghai is going to be the cheapest place to fly into.

The “Anytime” Feature

Kiwi also enables you to be incredibly flexible with your search dates. So, if you know that you want to take a trip to Tokyo some time this year but you’re not sure exactly when, and your dates are somewhat flexible, then you can search “Anytime” which will show you the overall cheapest flights to Tokyo from your specified airport in the whole year.

Finding Cheap Flights with
Finding the overall best value flights using the “Anytime” feature

Similarly, you can type in the place that you want to travel to, and then click “Date Range” which lets you scroll through the calendar for the next six months displaying the cheapest flight price for each individual date.

Finding cheap flights with
Browse the Kiwi calendar for the best flight prices.

The “Multi-city” Feature

Finding Cheap Flights with

Every traveler knows that a larger trip requires a relative amount of organising. If you’re planning an adventure that is going to require that you take several flights, you can plan them all out using Kiwi’s multicity tool. This feature is really interactive and lets you play around with dates and destination cities to establish the best overall route. Guarantee and Protection

When you hear that the flight routes offered via are not your typical routes, and are often the result of separate flights being combined together, then understandably you might be nervous about what happens if your flight is cancelled/delayed/you miss a connection. guarantee that if you miss a flight, and you end up stranded somewhere due to the aforementioned reasons, or any others beyond your control, then they will book you onto the earliest possible flight for free and provide you with assistance with meals and a hotel, should you be delayed for an extended period of time.

Hopefully you won’t find yourself in this position but it’s better to prepare for the worst case scenario, right? When I had a last minute query about a night flight that I was taking from Bulgaria, and which I had organised via, I reached out to Kiwi via Twitter and received an instantaneous response. So far, I’ve been extremely impressed with their approach to customer service – the team over there seem super friendly and helpful.

Things to Consider When Flying With Kiwi:

As some of the flight routes offered through Kiwi are comprised of journeys via more than one airline carrier, or unconventional routes, then there are some additional things that you should remember when booking a trip through them.

Visa Requirements:

International traveler do not typically require a visa if they are simply transiting via an Airport, however you need to keep in mind that with many of‘s routes being the result of two separate combined flights, if your bags are not checked to your final destination, you will have to recheck them at the transit airport – something which requires you to exit the gate area of the airport into baggage claim. If you are travelling somewhere where a visa is usually required (for example India, China or Russia), then you may have difficulty retrieving your bag as you are not typically allowed into the wider airport without a visa.


The majority of the airlines that feature in’s super cheap deals are no frills budget airlines, meaning that the price quoted is typically for your seat on the aircraft, and a carry on bag, and does not include any checked luggage so check this before you travel. Make sure that you are aware of the dimensions and weight requirements that each airline has in place for carry on bags as these can vary significantly.

As mentioned above, remember that your bag will not be checked through to your final destination so you need to exit via the gate at your transit stop, collect the bag, and check it in again.

I hope that you find this review of Kiwi flight checker useful, and I hope that you start to share my love of this search engine as a means to book cheap flights! As always, if you have any questions or need any further information, just drop me a comment below!

Safe travels,
Melissa xo

  1. This is awesome! I never heard about Kiwi before but I checked and bookmarked this website immediately! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! Thank you for writing such a thorough post about I am just about too book a transatlantic flight, so I will definitely give the site a try (wasn’t having much luck finding a great deal on Skyscanner). Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Ania, I’m glad that you found it useful! Hopefully the different search functions will come in handy in helping you to find a good deal! It used to drive me crazy opening Skyscanner, Netflights, etc and having to keep going back to the first screen to enter different searches manually – ahh!

  3. This website looks great – I have to confess, I’d never heard of it before. I love the fact you can do a radius search, this is something that takes me hours usually doing manually! And you’re right, when every penny counts, finding an alternative that is even $50 cheaper is often worth it. I love the clear layout of the site too. I’m definitely going to use it in the future!

    1. YES! Agreed – The radius search is definitely one of my favorite features. I can’t imagine how much time I must have spent over the years with several flight comparison apps open on my screen, constantly refreshing the search field to try and find out which date/route combination would give me the best price. Such a life saver!

  4. I discovered a couple of months ago and it was love at first sight. I go on it every day to try to find the best deals. Best website for flight searching!

  5. Hi Melissa, thanks for sharing this! I didn’t know about this website, so next time I wanna go somwhere I will check this out for sure :)!!

  6. Thanks for sharing this website. I haven’t heard of it! Anyway, I’ve been using Skyscanner to compare flights. Seems that more on more flight comparing sites are popping out 😀

  7. I just clicked on the site and it looks like americans can use this too! This is awesome to know. we want to all go to Italy next Summer, so 4 tickets (or more if grandparents come) gets pricy!

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