Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Realities vs Expectations

Becoming a Digital Nomad and having the freedom to work from whichever exotic locale you like is an appealing concept for many. But do the realities of a Digital Nomad lifestyle live up to our expectations? Digital Nomad Lifestyle  More and more people have started opting for the Digital Nomad lifestyle in recent years, particularly … Read more

Solo Travel in a Relationship: Why It’s Perfectly Acceptable

Still enjoying solo travel in a relationship: is it possible? Respectful?  The depiction of the solo female traveller is typically a bad-ass independent single woman that doesn’t need a man. This ever-growing demographic is worthy of admiration. However, you certainly do not have to be young, free, and single to enjoy travelling solo. Solo travel … Read more

130 Cute Fall Captions for Instagram for 2023

Looking for cute fall captions for Instagram? Look no further! You will find the perfect captions to compliment your social media posts here. Cute Fall Instagram Captions and Quotes  Fall is one of the most magical times of the year. The sheer mention of it conjures up images of snuggling down into an oversized armchair … Read more

Work With HHAAB

High Heels and a Backpack is an established travel blog that focuses on travel in Greece and the Mediterranean. Since being founded in 2016, it has developed a dedicated, diverse international audience, many of whom visit the site directly when planning their trips to Greece. The philosophy behind High Heels and a Backpack is based … Read more