Israel Culture & Traditions: Things to Know Before You Go

Israel culture and traditions are worth reading up on ahead of your trip to beautiful Israel. This little nation, sandwiched between Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon has a unique culture.  Israel today is a melting pot of different customs and traditions. A lot of controversy surrounds modern Israel. If you are considering travelling here and embarking … Read more

Things to do in Jerusalem: 31 Incredible Ideas for 2023

There are enough things to do in Jerusalem to warrant spending up to a week in this ancient city. Jerusalem is a place of the utmost spiritual importance to people of the three main monotheistic religions. After all, it is here where Jesus was crucified and resurrected, the Prophet Mohammed rose to heaven, and the … Read more

A Perfect Israel Itinerary: 7, 14, and 21 Day Routes for 2023

This Israel itinerary enables you to discover the best of Israel’s highlights with a limited amount of time. This beautiful destination has soared in popularity in recent years.  Historically it has mostly been people on birthright tours or those with a religious interest that would travel to Israel. However, word has finally gotten out about … Read more