Is it Safe to Travel to Israel in 2020?

Is it safe to travel to Israel in 2020? If you have a trip to Israel booked for the year ahead, you may be concerned about how safe it is to travel to Israel right now. In general, Israel is a destination that many people are apprehensive about travelling to. Take the current Middle Eastern … Read more

Discovering Old City Jerusalem

Speeding westwards and leaving the trendy modern city of Tel Aviv behind in our dust, my bus bypassed kibbutzes and small Israeli settlements before drawing to a halt at Damascus Gate, one of the ancient entrances to the “Old City” of Jerusalem which still functions as a main point of entry to this day. Powered … Read more

Israel’s Culture: Important Insights Before You Travel

As with any country that is different to our own, you can expect to see some slight cultural differences when you arrive in Israel. That said, though Israel is a Middle eastern country, Israel’s culture feels extremely liberal and westernized when looked at in comparison to other countries in the region that encompasses it. I’m … Read more