Alien hunting in Roswell, New Mexico

If, like me, you have a fascination with all things strange and different to the usual, then I am sure you will be intrigued at the prospect of visiting Roswell, New Mexico.


If you didn’t know (actually if you don’t know – where have you been?!), Roswell is the site of one of the World’s most famous conspiracy theories.
In 1947, an ‘unidentified flying object’ flew through the air and landed at a farm just outside of Roswell. The culprit? Aliens of course!
People love a good conspiracy – following on from these claims, videos have been released to show the Alien autopsies, witnesses have came forward to speak of their ‘close encounters of the third kind’ and the US government? Their official statement is that the debris is from a weather balloon that crashed… way to crush our Alien dreams US government! These statements have since been criticized by witnesses and locals as being a government cover up of Alien life…

The main, and only real attraction of Roswell is the ‘International UFO museum’.

‘Museum’ is a term that should be used loosely here as there is no real evidence or recovered artifacts (which I was hoping for!) only newspaper clippings and a lot of alien mannequins that emit Alien-esque noises and smoke every now and then half choking you to death.


Roswell is a funny old place… I love you USA, but you do house some peculiar places and people! Other than the museum, Roswell is pretty much your standard American town – the streets are filled with grocery stores and Laundromats, but the locals seem proud of their Alien links – everything is Alien themed – offers on furniture are of course, ‘out of this World’, and mannequins in clothes stores have Alien faces – even in a bridal store!


 What has been the strangest place you’ve encountered on your travels?
Have you been to Roswell?

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