The Saronic Islands & a 2023 Saronic Gulf Itinerary by a Local

The Saronic Islands in Greece are some of the most beautiful and culturally-rich islands in the country. They are also among the closest to Athens, with some reachable in less than a 1-2 hour journey from the Greek capital. Still, for the most part, the Saronic Gulf flies largely under the radar. In this guide, … Read more

Solo Travel in Greece 2023: A Local’s Guide to Traveling to Greece Alone

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173 Cute Greece Instagram Captions & Greece Puns for 2023

Greece Instagram captions make the perfect accompaniment to your vacation photos in Greece. Sometimes you take so many great photos and you feel like you should write a thoughtful or interesting caption to accompany them but you just don’t know what to say.   Perhaps you’ve taken a really great photo on a deserted island beach … Read more

25 Best Places to Visit in Europe in November 2023

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29 Best Rooftop Bars in Athens 2023: Written by an Athens Local

Rooftop bars in Athens can be the perfect way to spend an evening in the Greek capital. With a delicious cocktail or an ice-cold Greek beer in hand, you can enjoy unparalleled views of downtown Athens and ancient sites such as the Acropolis, Filoppapou, and Lycabettus Hill as they are illuminated by thousands of twinkling … Read more

Kolonaki Athens: A Local’s Guide to Athens’ Most Exclusive District

Kolonaki Athens is the most exclusive district in the Greek capital. This area is to Athens, what Chelsea is to London or Beverly Hills is to Los Angeles. However, despite its elegance, Kolonaki (Κολωνάκι) manages to be sophisticated without any air of pretension. It still boasts the same philoxenia (Greek hospitality) that you would expect … Read more