Greece in December 2023: What to Expect and Where to Travel

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Best Time to Visit Athens Greece in 2023 [According to a local]

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Greece in January 2023: What to Expect, Written by a Local

Visiting Greece in January isn’t the most common time of year to travel, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great time to plan a trip! Although Greece does not see scorching hot temperatures all year round, the weather is generally pretty pleasant, whatever time of year you choose to visit.  This is a … Read more

Winter in Greece 2023: A Local’s Guide

Winter in Greece is not the usual choice for most people. After all, this beautiful Mediterranean country is mostly renowned for its idyllic islands and paradisical beaches. In fact, for many people, what happens in Greece after the islands and holiday resorts close for the summer season is something of an unknown. Winter in Greece … Read more

27 Fascinating Facts About Athens Greece You Never Knew

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Where to Stay in Athens Greece: Your 2023 Guide by a Local

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