Singapore Sling – The Hottest Bars In Singapore

I’ll be honest with you, the first time I came to Singapore back in 2012, I didn’t know a huge amount about it; I had just considered it as a transit stop on long-haul flights. It is only now that I am finally uncovering the classy, saucy little devil that SG really is.
I called upon my friend – Singapore Socialite and Pilates Studio Owner, Deborah Wong, to help me uncover the hottest bars in Singapore right now – guaranteeing only the Classiest of hangovers. (Hey anything’s possible right?!)

This list is a blend of the fabulous, the exclusive and the much loved local places to venture out to whilst in Singapore. With our help, you can party like the Singaporeans do – in absolutely flawless style.

1. Oxwell & Co
The Hottest Bars In Singapore
The Hottest Bars In Singapore
Oxwell & Co is a bar after my own heart; Formed by a group of expatriate Brits living in Singapore that missed their local pub, it is the perfect blend of quirky, quintessential British, and Jet-Set Singaporean.
They have a delicious offering of Cocktails (mine’s an Ox-presso… thanks!) and even offer British Roast Dinners at the weekend… What more could you ask for?

The Hottest Bars In Singapore

Menu and Reservations –
5 Ann Siang Road, Chinatown, Singapore

2. Potato Head Folk
The Hottest Bars In Singapore

The Hottest Bars In Singapore

The quirky “potato head burgers” have become something of an urban legend here in Singapore and trialling them is almost like a rite of passage. Choose from one of the seemingly strange concoctions and be surprised at how well it all sits together.
Potato Head Folk is set across four floors in a quirky art deco building – from the cocktail room to the stunning rooftop, there are ambiences to suit every style.
36 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 

3. The Powder Room at The Black Swan

The Hottest Bars In Singapore

The Hottest Bars In Singapore

Every lady wants to party like Gatsby, am I right? Right!
Well at the Black Swan, you can do just that.
An elegant grand bistro and bar, this Tatler award winning establishment serves up the ultimate in stylish Singapore experiences (as well as some tasty tipples to boot) and should not be missed off your list.
The powder room is where you ought to be my friend – The Black Swan’s 1920’s themed cocktail bar. Flapper dresses optional.
19 Cecil Street, Singapore

4. 28 Hong Kong Street

The Hottest Bars In Singapore
Voted “Best bar in Asia” and number seven in a poll of The World’s 50 best bars , there is good reason that 28 Hong Kong street has been awarded so much acclaim.
Kept a secret from the masses for some time, 28 Hong Street is a place that you would only know of if you knew one of those, in the know. (Phew! That’s a mouthful)
The Hottest Bars In Singapore
The website gives nothing away: a black facade displaying purely the bar’s name and the e-mail address which teases “find us”.
From the outside too, 28 Hong Kong Street looks fairly nondescript: A beige store front with no windows or name, simply the numbers “28”.
Inside, however, awaits a fabulous American inspired cocktail bar, a laid back ambience, and some of the most friendly and attentive staff in Singapore.
28 Hong Kong Street, Singapore 

5. Tanjong Beach Club

The Hottest Bars In Singapore
Yeowza. Do you need any more persuasion to visit this place other than the picture above? By the time you read that last sentence, I would have expected you to have already packed your handbag and your factor 20 and be tottering on down to Sentosa island.

The Hottest Bars In Singapore

You see, Singapore is so much more than just a shopper’s haven, and is home to some of Asia’s most stunning and luxurious beach clubs. Voted one of the World’s Best Beach Clubs by Condé Nast Traveller, Tanjong Beach Club is a favorite among those in the know.

By day, you can kick back and relax on the shore with a nice cool glass of Champagne, or eight and a naughty nibble from the food menu. By night, the beach club transforms into a swanky beach party, attracting a fabulous International crowd, and some of the World’s best DJ’s.

The Hottest Bars In Singapore
120 Tanjong Beach Walk, Sentosa, Singapore

6. Jekyll & Hyde 

The Hottest Bars In Singapore

A hidden gem in the heart of Singapore; Jekyll & Hyde specialise in their bespoke approach to cocktails (in addition to their quirky and delicious signature house recipes). “Just tell me what you like and I’ll invent a cocktail around it” the bartender advises as I gaze upon the countless bottles behind the apothecary style bar.

A local favourite – Jekyll & Hyde is stylish without an ounce of pretension.
49 Tras Street, Singapore
The Hottest Bars In Singapore

7. The Spiffy Dapper

The Hottest Bars In Singapore

A speakeasy that has abandoned the cover of passwords and artificial storefronts, the Spiffy Dapper is hidden away on the second floor of a building complex on Amoy Street.
Those in the know come to this neighborhood to seek it out.
The Spiffy Dapper has no menu, just tell the barkeep what you like and he will rustle something up especially for you.
Second Floor, 73 Amoy Street. 

8. Altimate
The Hottest Bars In Singapore

Without a doubt one of the hottest clubs in Asia, Altimate can be found on the 61st floor of the 282m Altitude 1 building and offers you spectacular 360 degree views of the city below as you clink glasses and share bottles with some of Singapore’s finest.
Altitude is home to both a premium lounge bar, and a club, ready for wherever your night takes you. 
Level 61, One Raffles Place, Singapore

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