Mogo: A Veggie Food Delivery In Korea!

Mogo: A Veggie Delivery Service In Korea

With red meat playing such a prominent role in Korean cuisine and the majority of dishes being meat based, Veggies in Korea have things a little harder when it comes to eating out. In fact, even those of us who are meat eaters will welcome a lighter and healthier change every once in a while… Introducing Mogo! Mogo is a brand new vegetarian food delivery service in South Korea catering not only to veggies and vegans, but also to those who want all of the convenience of a ready meal, yet with the quality and nutrients of a home cooked dinner.
As a lover of all things edible, I was thrilled when Mogo contacted me and asked me to trial out their new range.

Mogo Eats Korea
The little boxes that Mogo deliveries come in are super cute ^^

What’s Inside The Mogo Boxes?

Currently, Mogo have six different recipe boxes on offer but this range is soon to expand.
The recipes that you can try are a blend of Korean favorites such as Kimchi Jeon and Veggie Bulgogi, and Asian meets Western fusions like their Korean spin on the popular midwestern Cincinnati Spaghetti.

Mogo Eats Korea Review
Tucking into Mogo’s “Cincinnati Spaghetti” but caution: it’s a little spicy!

Each box is priced between 7,000 – 9,000 KRW and serves 2-3 people. (That’s a lot of food for the price given that your typical meal out in Korea costs around 8,000 Won!) I cooked one of their meals on an evening, and had enough to last me for both lunch and dinner the following day too!

All of the ingredients are natural and organic and come individually wrapped (don’t worry – all of the packaging is 100% recyclable!).
Cooking the dishes is incredibly straight forward and you get a little information card which tells you how to make the dish. There’s also a Mogo blog which provides you with suggestions for spins to place on the recipes, or ideal accompaniments. 

Mogo Eats Korea Review

If you are living in Korea, or you have spent any length of time here and dabbled in cooking for yourself then you will know that purchasing ingredients when food shopping can be expensive business. Rather than spend thousands of won investing in all of the various spices required to cook interesting and exotic dishes for yourself, you can let Mogo do the hard work and opt for one of their tasty food boxes.

Disclaimer: As always, High Heels & A Backpack believes in full transparency when it comes to reviewing products and services. I received complimentary products from Mogo in order to complete this post, however all thoughts and opinions expressed throughout the post are my own, and I would never feature a product on my blog that I didn’t believe in.

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