10 Reasons I Love South Korea 

Of all the Countries I’ve visited so far, South Korea is the one place that I have truly fallen in love with.

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So little is known about Korean culture to folks in the UK, so I wanted to point out precisely what it is that makes me love Korea so much. If you’ve been to Korea, hopefully you can identify with these points and if you haven’t, well then I hope some day you can pay Korea a visit and discover its’ magic for yourself.

The Food

10 Reasons I Love South Korea 
10 Reasons I Love South Korea

Hot damn! Did somebody just say BBQ?

Sometimes when I’ve been travelling through Asia for extended periods of time I’ve really craved familiar foods or gotten to the point where I couldn’t bear to see another bowl of *insert name of relevant local dish here*.
Korean food delivers just the right blend between Eastern and Western cuisines – delicious marinated meats, hearty soups and stews, refreshing fruits and salads and even their own spin on KFC (Korean Fried Chicken is a thing and for real, it knocks the socks off anything the Colonel could rustle up).

Here are some foodie suggestions for your time in Korea:

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The People


I have found Korean people to be unbelievably kind and friendly.
People have gone out of their way to be kind to me with no expectations in return, which is a rare quality to find in the World today.
I have heard mixed reviews and reports of ‘xenophobia’ from other travelers but from my end I have had only positive encounters.

Though there are some eccentricities of Korean culture, I find I can laugh and talk with my Korean friends in the same way that I can with my friends back home in the UK.

I also feel completely safe in Korea: I feel pretty comfortable walking around late, and I know that if I left my purse somewhere, someone would probably try and track me down to return it.

Korea Has a Fascinating History and Culture

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Korea is rich in history that dates back centuries with hundreds of ancient temples and historical sites dotted throughout the Country. Rest assured, you will always have plenty to see and do.
Korea is relatively new on the scene in terms of international tourism, and it’s really great that there are a lot of initiatives by the Korean Tourism Board to encourage foreign travelers to visit the country. A lot of attractions are free or very affordable to enter. Initiatives like the Korean Temple stay program (you can read about my temple experience here) give you a wonderful opportunity to learn about this vibrant country.

There are Constant Events and Festivals

Every time I walk past Gwanghamun Square, Seoul there seems to be something going down – from old ladies dancing around with tambourines, to North Korean food shows and live music.
Koreans have some pretty unique celebrations within their annual calendars – for example, Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) and Hangeul Day (Celebration of the Korean language). There’s also some damn strange and “only in Korea” type festivals also, the Kimchi festival being one example.

Koreans Have a Huge Passion for Outdoor Culture

10 Reasons I Love South Korea
10 Reasons I Love South Korea

Seoul is so often depicted as a megalopolis concrete jungle.
When I first arrived, I was constantly seeing Ajummas (Older Korean Ladies) on the Subway head to toe in hiking gear.
“Where the devil are they going?” I pondered to myself, thinking about how peculiar the attire was for a day in Gangnam or so. As it transpires, Seoul is so huge it encapsulates a handful of mountains in addition to the stunning, expansive Bukhansan National Park.
If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ve come to the right place with numerous hiking groups and events taking place with other foreigners and Koreans alike. Check Couchsurfing, Meetup.com and WinK (When in Korea) for the latest events.

Korea is a Coffee Addict’s Paradise

10 Reasons I Love South Korea 
10 Reasons I Love South Korea

Coffee culture is huge in Korea; you pretty much can’t turn around without being faced with three or four coffee bars all with quirky and, quite frankly, often downright strange themes.  My friend and I stumbled across this cute exhibition space and art cafe in Yongsan-gu. Here is “Paul’s Meringue Factory” – a milky espresso topped with a meringue cookie

There is a Large International Community

10 Reasons I Love South Korea
10 Reasons I Love South Korea

A combination of Ex-pats, ESL teachers, Travellers and fun loving Koreans make for a great community of people to socialise with in Korea. There are so many like minded people living or passing through here with similar interests you will certainly have a blast and make some great friends.
Being in Korea reminds me of being in University – your weekends and evenings are full of fun and there is always something going on.

Koreans Follow the Notion of Work Hard, Play Harder

You know when your friend’s place has a freakin helipad on the roof? Yeah, that 😳 #viewfromthetop #seoul #korea

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It’s true that Koreans have some of the longest studying and working schedules in the World, but they party just as hard… almost to the point of borderline alcoholism! Who cares if it’s a Tuesday and you have to be up tomorrow? Bars and clubs rarely have a closing hour and there’s no open bottle rule so it’s perfectly acceptable to swig your makgeolli on the subway on your way to the next party.
I hated the routine of work – eat – sleep – repeat when I was working an Office job in the UK.
I cannot stress enough how much fun Korea is!

Korea is Incredibly Safe

Step aside Nigella… 🇰🇷 #seoul #Korea #travel #kimchi #myeongdong

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I lived in Korea for a year and traveled extensively through the county and I have never felt safer anywhere else. Since the country has such a night time culture, even walking home late in the evenings there will always be people around.

There is also a really nice sense of respect for other people’s belongings in Korea as well, which I haven’t found anywhere else (except maybe Japan). I (stupidly) dropped my bank card once on the street and someone came into the school where I was teaching to find me. In Korea I could go in a coffee shop, leave all my things at the table and wander off to the bathroom and I knew that everything would still be there when I got back.

Korea Has Cheap and Excellent Transportation Networks

Coming from the UK, I’m used to the horrible, cramped and expensive subways in London, or the extortionate train prices to get from one City to another.
In Korea, the subway is super efficient and cheap. The Seoul metro network now extends out of Seoul central into neighbouring districts of Suwon and Bucheon with “express” trains making longer journeys faster and more manageable.
A city bus to any stop in Seoul will not set you back more than £1.50 at most and the national bus and rail network means you can take trips even as far as from Seoul to Busan for no more than £25.


These are the 10 reasons I love South Korea, although when I sit and think about it there are many more (don’t get me started on the amazing cosmetics!) Have you been to Korea? What do you love about it?


  1. South Korea seems like such an amazing country! I would love to visit sometime soon but I need to save up some money first haha 😉

  2. It looks like you had a fantastic time! I’ve always wanted to check out South Korea, and I’m definitely adding it to my list!

  3. Very nice things mentioned about Korea, I had two South Korean friends and reading this reminded me of them… the food and culture and the temples and their history are very alluring reasons for one to like Korea for sure(:

  4. South Korea is on my list to do, I didn’t have time last time I was in Asia. It looks great and good to hear so many positive things about a place, can’t wait to go 🙂

  5. I really wish I had had the opportunity to visit Korea as a tourist. I lived there for 2.5 years and I will say that experience made me dislike the country quite a bit. Its quite a stressful and mundane place after a few months. It’s so beige! I digress, though. I’m honestly super happy you enjoyed your time there as it is an incredible place to be for a short period of time. Long term – not so much. Regardless, I’d have to say my favorite aspect of Korea is that there are so many mountains. I have a lot of respect for the elders in that country – they’ve gone through and experienced so much. Thanks for sharing your insights!

  6. I feel the same way about missing Korean food! I lived there for 4 years and would always cook like a quesadilla to self-soothe after a particularly tough day, but now that I’m in the states…. I do the opposite! I’m constantly looking to Korean food for comfort. I’d say my top 2 things I miss and love (other than my lovely little lovebugmonster students) would be Kimbap restaurants and the hiking. Would you ever consider moving there?

    1. Haha I can understand that! I’ve lived abroad a few times, and always really missed peculiar food items that I take for granted in the UK, then in the UK miss all various stuff from my travels.
      I am moving there to teach in Suwon! My flight is tomorrow actually. Super exited! I know living somewhere is different to visiting but excited for the experience 🙂 whereabouts were you living in Korea?

  7. Thanks so much for sharing about South Korea. I have to admit I’m one of “those” who does not know much about the country. Judging from your post and experience, it seems like a great place to visit. I am quite interested in exploring the food and landscapes. Definitively adding South Korea to my bucket list. Great write up!

  8. I want to go so bad!!! These are all great reasons. I am sure my favorite would be the food, history & culture and the outdoor aspects. I would have never though of S. Korea being an outdoorsy place. I love it.

  9. I haven’t been to South Korea but your post makes it sound even more interesting than I originally thought! I think I would love the history and culture, and the food of course… thanks for sharing your experiences.

  10. I’ve never been to Korea but, I really, really want to go someday. In fact if I hadn’t been successful in getting my current job (cabin crew) I was going to take a TEFL course with the goal of moving out to teach English. Now I am just waiting to get trained on the Dreamliner so I can go with work haha! I also highly recommend CosRx skincare if you haven’t already tried it, the snail treatment and sleeping mask are fantastic 😀

    1. I hope you get chance to visit! It is a wonderful country 🙂
      Haha at least it worked out for you! Best of luck in your new job.
      CosRx is a brand that I haven’t tried yet so I will take a look. Korean beauty products are so good – definitely a highlight to being here! I am not sure if they are available internationally, but I really like Innis Free (all products with natural ingredients made in Jeju), Nature Republic (They also have a great snail range!) and Etude House (really cute packaging!) check them out if you are able! 😀


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