Hey! I'm Melissa. A long term solo traveler originally from the UK.
In 2015 I left my Corporate job in Procurement so that I could travel this beautiful World and now I work (& wander) full time as a Travel Writer.
Hope you can come along for the adventure!
Current Location - Naples, Italy

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11 of the Best Day Trips From Naples

When I first visited Naples a couple of years ago I found myself completely enamored with it – so much so that I decided to move here after l…

On Racism in South Korea

One thing that appears somewhat ubiquitous with any mention of adjusting to life in South Korea is the topic of racism and xenophobia. There are do…

Capri Itinerary
A Delightful One Day Capri Itinerary

A Mediterranean paradise that captured the hearts of Roman emperors with its rugged landscapes, plentiful wild lemon groves and translucent waters,…

A Dazzling 10 Day Romania Itinerary

A country steeped in legends of Dracula, stories of vampirism and the former home to one of the most bloodthirsty rulers in European history, Roman…

10 Tips to Haggling Like a Pro

Growing up in the West, we are accustomed to fixed prices when we shop, and a useful little tool called the price tag. If the price is more then yo…

Follow the adventure from the comfort of E-mail!

Follow the adventure from the comfort of E-mail!